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Finding the Perfect Jewellery Set for your Wedding

After many stressful weeks of wedding dress shopping and hours of fitting room dramas, we all know how important it is for everything to be perfect, or at least as near to perfect as it can get! Selecting your bridal jewellery set is just as crucial to give you the full look that pulls everything together. So before you start your search, be sure to consider these steps first.

Colour – Colour plays a massive part in your wedding jewellery set. If you’ve gone for an ivory or champagne shade, gold/bronze chokersets will really set off this style and make you glow. If you’ve chosen a deep colour, platinum or silver jewellery will enhance your look and help brighten up your skin. You could even try rose gold to complement a dress with soft pink or blush tones. Our NUAN choker necklace is one of our most popular styles with intricate rose gold detail and silver gemstones layered for a fuller look to give you a look and feel of opulence.

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Less is more – Remember this. You don’t want something too heavy that will detract from the dress itself. You want the whole look to be remembered, not just a part. Bridal jewellery set in western culture usually is very minimal compared to Asian culture, where it can be cumbersome. We created our wedding jewellery sets with everyone in mind, from minimal to super bling. A perfect sultry choker necklace is our NONA choker set. Embellished by hand with intricate stonework, it is a timeless classic set. Fit for the modern woman who likes a simple yet classic look. If you’re looking for something with a little bit more bling, our NOYA is one not to be missed. Lot’s of layering and intricate handcrafted work goes into creating such an elegant piece.It is available in two colours.

However, if you have a minimal dress and you’re looking for something with a WOW factor, then you should check out –Our Nora (silver) or Nyree (rose gold) choker sets. Each set is a classic piece that evokes timeless elegance. Designed and handcrafted with rose gold and silver CZ stones, it gives you a look and feel of opulence. The layerings of the stones are designed for a full neck look. Adjustable in size and a three-piece set, it is one not to be missed.

With all of this in mind on your wedding day, you still need to do ‘you’. Be comfortable and confident in what you wear. Our customers love our bridal jewellery sets for the choice. As a brand, we aspire to be a company with versatility. So, we ensure our collections are full of pieces to suit everyone’s liking. A wedding jewellery set that has proven to be very popular recently with many of our customers is our Nadyne choker necklace. It’s the perfect piece- not too extravagant but also not minimal. It’s a classic you need to get your hands on!

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