All That You Must Know About Pearl Jewelry
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All That You Must Know About Pearl Jewelry

Pearls are considered to be an elegant and classic gem, but they can also be elusive and mysterious.

The following information about pearl can be an educational resource to know about this most sought-after gemstone. Also, you can visit different websites about pearl to know more.

Is pearl a gem?

Pearl is an organic gem, as it is created by mollusk – a living creature. The defense mechanism of mollusk kicks in and puts coats of particle having many layers of substance called nacre, which eventually becomes thick enough to become a pearl.

How to know if pearls are not fake

Firstly, one has to know the type of pearl and most of them will be either of the following 5 categories of pearl.  They can also be checked with X-ray machines to know if it is fake or real

  1. Natural Pearls

These natural pearls are usually formed as an accidental intruder that enters a shell of mollusk and continuous nacre layers will grow like skins of onion around the particle.

These natural pearls are nowadays very rare and usually sold at very high prices.

  1. Cultured Pearls

Cultured pearls also grow like natural pearls, inside the mollusk but it is by human intervention. Cultured pearls are usually sold as per their diameter in mm.

  1. Saltwater Pearls

These pearls originate in the saltwater mollusk which can be both natural as well as cultured.

  1. Freshwater Pearls

These freshwater pearls generally grow inside of freshwater mollusk which lives in river or lake. They are always cultured pearls.

  1. Fake Pearls

These fake pearls are made of coated plastic or glass. Plastic pearls can easily be detected since they are lighter; will show wear or chips easily, also not as smooth like real pearls.

It is bit difficult to detect glass pearls as they resemble with natural or cultured pearls.

Pearl shape classifications

  1. Symmetrical pearls can be pear-shaped pearls or some other shapes but have symmetry from both side and they are not round.
  2. Spherical pearls are usually round in shape and traditionally most desirable shape. More the rounder the pearl, its price too will be more.
  3. Baroque pearls will be of irregularly shape. They are usually least expensive but are beautiful and unique.

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