Ways to Style a Denim Dress
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Ways to Style a Denim Dress

Ever since the fashion industry started offering denim dresses in the market, every girl has been going gaga over it! It is often said that style and comfort cannot go hand in hand. However, denim is probably the only textile that can give a person the bliss of both comfort and style. This is because most of the denim yarns are composed with cotton fibre which is considered as one of the best fabrics in the world. Traditionally, denims were only used for making trousers, jeans and shorts. But today there are thousands of options available including dungarees, denim jackets and our most favourite one on the list, denim dresses.

A lot of people think that denim dresses are very simple and therefore, cannot be worn in case one wants to make a style statement. Well, there is no truth to that thought as a plain and simple denim dress can be styled in various ways which completely enhances its look. Let us see what are the most popular ways of styling denim dresses.

Shrug it on!

Shrugs are for every season whether it be summer or spring. Floral printed and striped cotton shrugs look perfect with off-shoulder or sleeveless denim dresses. One can also try the knee length shrugs for short dresses which are very trendy and in-fashion these days. The famous fashion influencers completely swear by shrugs for styling a denim dress in the most stunning way.

Never say no to fancy belts

Fashion designers put a lot of hard work in designing belts to give them the funkiest yet stylish look. And this effort can be completely worth it when styled with denim dresses. Whether it be black, brown, or colourful, all designs of belts can be used with denim dresses to enhance its look. It not only adds detail to a dress but also cinches the waist which is the added benefit.

Pair it with printed shirts

A funky printed cotton shirt, chic leather sling bag and white sneakers can be paired with any denim dress anytime during the summers. While white shirts look perfect with blue and black denim dresses, vibrant coloured shirts go best with nude pink and white ones.

Get the cool tomboy look with caps and loafers

Our Bollywood divas have completely made the tomboy look fashionable and stylish. One can take inspiration from them to look cool by wearing a denim dress with a cap and loafers. This style goes best with flared and pleated dresses which are also very comfortable.

Say yes to ponchos and scarves

Who said denims are only for summers? Denim dresses can also be worn in winters by pairing them with a beautiful poncho or blanket scarves. One can play around with the scarves by tying them in different ways depending upon the type of dress. Look stylish and chic even in winters without compromising the comfort of denims.

Go chic with the cowboy boots

Knee-length brown cowboy boots are fantasizing every girl these days and these look completely amazing with denim dresses, especially the dark blue ones.

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One can also try other sizes and colours of boots as all of them would look pretty amazing with denim dresses.

Choose the right accessories

Try the funky tassel earrings or the big metal ones along with paper bags which are very much in trend these days. The right choice of earrings, bracelets and handbags can completely change the way one looks at denim dresses as they completely complement it. For a chic look, black accessories with metallic textures look fabulous with almost all types of denim dresses including the short off-shoulder ones.

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A perfect styling can make an ordinary outfit look picture perfect without the need of doing anything extra. Therefore, try any of these styling tips to enhance the look of denim dresses.

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