Explain about the modern fashion industry and its characteristics
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Explain about the modern fashion industry and its characteristics

In today’s era, the fashion industry has become vast. Nowadays, everyone is fond of good wearing and looking. Fashion designers work on people’s outfit designing. They design dresses according to current fashion. They take a big amount for each dress. After designing and manufacturing process, the selling of dresses start. This process is done under retailing. The method of buying garments from the manufacturers and selling them to the consumers is called retail. Those people who purchase the garments from the manufacturers are known as retailers. Each country and any specific community have different fashion sense; dresses are designed keeping them in mind. People prefer to buy dresses according to their country clothing and apparel. The textile industry is one of the largest industries in the world. The garments purchased by the retailers for resale are available after three to five months for the customers in different shops.

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The process of dealing with the run of textiles from the primary collection of designs created to the product demonstration to a retailer to increase the sale of profit for the company is called as fashion marketing. Good marketing of textiles is based on the customer’s choice and their response with suitable stuff. Marketers focus on the interest of the consumer. They use data of sale products through tracking, regularly check the coverage done by the media on the latest fashion, pay attention to groups, and other feedback given by the customers. The modern fashion industry has some characteristics:

  1. Variety: An unlimited availability of different garments and designs makes the fashion industry more successful.
  2. Choice of the group: fashion is always the group’s selection, not any individual. A single person if follows any particular choice it is termed as his/her style, not as fashion. But whenever this style is adopted by a large number of people it becomes fashionable.
  3. It is changeable: the most important characteristic of fashion is that is changes after a particular time. Sometimes, any specific fashion takes time to change but in a few cases, it changes randomly. This is because the fashion industry is running on the customer’s choice.
  4. Utility: Fashion is not adopted generally for utility.
  5. Due to the frequently spreading of fashion from one country to another, it has a characteristic of uniformity.
  6. The fashion industry also depends on the seasons. Dresses are designed according to the current weather in the country.
  7. Fashion plays a good role in social control. You can guess about somebody’s nature and behavior according to their dressing sense. Your dressing is also very important in showing your personality in between society.
  8. Follow the current fashion is good but it must be done according to your personality.

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