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How To Dress For An Evening At Work

That the one who has never experienced the anxiety of dressing up your hand! Finding the right evening dress to be on top is not an easy task. Choosing a dress for a party at work to make a good impression with colleagues? It’s possible. Short evening dress, long evening dress, cocktail dress, strapless evening dress or classic black dress, we sort it out to find you THE dress for a dinner or a professional meal!

There is panic.

Tomorrow night, you have an evening for work and you still do not know what to wear. Did you think the task would be easy? Well no !

Already in normal times, we break the head to find a party dress , so if it’s for the professional, it becomes a real headache.

Because for a meal with colleagues , we necessarily want to make a good impression, to blend more or less in the mass and not to do more than others.

For that, only one word of order: subtlety. You must choose an outfit that is both sober but stylish, classy but original.

Impossible you say? Think again ! We explain everything you need to know to find the perfect dress for a business night .

Work evening: the dress code

First and foremost, you need to find out about the dress code of the evening or your business.

When you have a party with work , it’s all about balance! You have to play with your look, without doing too much or not enough.

If you work in the bank, it’s not the same as if you’re working in a communication box.

In this kind of event, the main thing is to be in the same tone as everyone else. There is no point in arriving in princess dress if everyone is in jeans-sneakers. And conversely.

Ask your colleagues questions about what they plan to put on and gauge the tone of the meal.

The kind of party also changes the game. An informal pot will be totally different than a big gala evening .

What evening dress for an informal pot at work?

The appetizers at work , it happens often. Between an anniversary, a celebration or a starter, we can often meet with colleagues.

For a simple drink at work, you can play the card of simplicity and sobriety. You can even dress as you usually do.

That is, if you’re used to jeans and trendy boots , do not change anything. If you want to be a little more dressed, opt for a skirt and a pretty blouse , with a pair of moccasins.

To add a touch of glamor, bet on a pretty blazer jacket . Whether it is a little oversize or totally off, it will always have its small effect.

Avoid the cocktail dress, way too chic for a drink.

How to dress for a professional dinner?

There, it gets complicated. You must attend a dinner with colleagues , maybe even your director or supervisor will be present.

However, this is still a reason to take out the evening dress , much too dressed.

No, your solution is the little black dress . Or the little navy dress, the little green fir dress, etc. You understand, it is better to opt for a short dress or noon, sober, in dark hues.

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