fashion tips to pimp his style and that cost nothing!
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fashion tips to pimp his style and that cost nothing!

You think that to be stylish and well looked, you have to spend a thousand and a hundred? Think again ! We will show you how, thanks to these 15 tips, you can pimp your outfit … without spending a dime!

You will not find simpler and more effective than this trick! By rolling your pants , your legs will look instantly longer and thinner.
Most ? This tip is ideal if you are a fan of flat shoes like ballerinas or derbies because it allows you to avoid the effect “packed silhouette”.

2. Roll up your sleeves

What works with your legs also works with your arms: when rolling your sleeves, your arms will look longer and thinner.
To be more stylish, think of slipping under your shirt or sweater, a lace blouse. In this way, rolling your sleeves, we will see the delicate lace.

For a sexier masculine look, there’s nothing better than a classic shirt with sleeves carelessly rolled up.

3. Tie your belt

Instead of wearing your belt in the easiest and most obvious way, think about tying it! Hyper simple to do, it can pimper your outfit and give you a look trendy.
To be even more trendy, consider donning a vest over your favorite dress and tying the belt on the vest. Automatically, your look will be more stylish and most importantly, your size will be well marked.

Do you doubt the stylish potential of this trick? Know that knotted belts are part of the biggest trends of the season!

4. Lightly unbutton your blouse

Very simple, this trick makes a big difference: a blouse or an open shirt until the third button (no more, otherwise effect too much assured) will make you look slimmer. This is due to the V-neck, which visually extends the upper body and makes it appear thinner.

You hesitate? Know that with this technique, you will notice more your necklaces and other chokers.

5. Show your shoulders

The bare shoulders are more trendy than ever. Our cheap tip: instead of buying a bare-shouldered top, grab one of your over-sized blouses and unbutton enough buttons to let your shoulders pass. To you the sexy and casual look at a mini price!

Tip: With this type of top, opt for a bandeau bra or a lace tank top .

6. Wear lace shoes

Pumps, ballerinas or sneakers : the more transparent the shoes, the better for your figure. And yes, by letting appear skin, they create an optical illusion making you look bigger and thinner!

7. Tie your jackets around your waist

Direct from the sportswear dressing room , this trend is devastating! Ultra simple, it is simply to tie his jacket around his waist rather than wear it in a classic way. You hesitate to succumb to this trend? Know that in addition to freeing your hands from your jacket if it is too hot, it will mark your size and give you a look that’s right in the air.

To break the sporty look, consider tying your denim jacket around your waist when wearing a corporateoutfit consisting of a pencil skirt , pumps and a shirt.

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