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Should You Wear A Baby Wrap?

Baby wearing has been exercised all over the world for years now, but it’s not till recently that the pediatric experts shed light on the actual benefits. As it turns out, it one of the best ways of soothing a fussy baby. It gives the baby a feeling of security when they know they are in their mother’s chest or back. This, in turn, helps them bond with their parents, which helps them understand and build relationships as they grow. Baby wearing has been adopted widely, but most mothers are not fully aware of all the essential benefits. Here’s a good explanation for why you should wear your baby, whether on a wrap, a sling or a baby carrier fitted for your princess in her cute baby girls clothing:


For a long time, it was not clear why wearing a baby made them cry less. It was just a simple solution that no one really bothered to explore further until scientists realized that it made babies cry less buy up to 50%.

It may be because the baby feels more secure and less frightened of things around them by knowing that they are close to their parents or guardians. It could also be a result of the soothing motion that the parents make when walking around. Or it could just be the mere comfort of hearing their mother’s voices. Either way, wearing your baby makes them cry less.


When the baby is lying on or against their mother’s skin, they can hear their voices and heartbeats very closely. They learn to sense the presence of the people they love most in the world, and this feeling helps them calm down and develop some mental aspects of their lives.

Scientists have even discovered that this bonding releases hormone oxytocin in the mother, which boosts the production of breast milk.


This is a scientific term referring to the flattening of a baby’s head. This usually results when the baby sleeps on their back or sits n an infant seat for too long.

The physical position the baby stays in while in a sling not only helps them develop a good form but also reduces the chances of flattening their heads which many people may find unattractive, especially in their adult years.


When you wear a baby and face them forward while going out on a walk or running errands in town, they are exposed to many different factors that help them develop mentally. They hear different voices, learn different languages, and get to experience different scenery. Such babies tend to grow up and be more intelligent or creative than those who spend most of their hours in their cribs or cots.

Conclusively, baby wearing has numerous benefits to both the mother and the baby. It is not only convenient but also healthy. It is also safe as long as it is done in the right way using a secure sling. When not using it, store it in a safe place such as a closet drawer or tallboy furniture drawers.

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