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How Does Amazon FBA Work?

Obviously, Amazon has been a great savior to thousands of small business owners who has been dreaming of stamping their feet in the marketplace. Few services are provided which makes things much easier for the sellers among which Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is the top of the services list.

FBA business is very simple to the extent that anyone that began with Amazon requires deep knowledge of idea concerning the FBA. Sincerely speaking, there are many things to cover if we begin to talk about the FulFillment by Amazon. As an Amazon seller, no matter your experience, you can depend on the updated guide of FBA and find out how it works. Before you register for Amazon service, you need clear understanding of how things are working there.

Features in FBA

After registering as an Amazon seller on Amazon, you will have access to some features. Below are the helpful features packaged with your subscription:


This is an aspect that eases your bothering immediately you register for Amazon FBA. The company will make sure that your items are shipped at the appropriate time, and get delivered at the appointed date. With Amazon Prime shipping, it is possible to get your items between 24 to 48 hours through e-commerce.

The moment you send your inventory to the Amazon Fulfillment center recommended for you, there is nothing to worry about in shipping aspect. There is high probability that your product will be well-packed and shipped with the aid of people and robots in the centres.


Proper care is being taken by Amazon to make sure that products get to the expected end. One of the reasons on this page is the use of well-designed packaging. If you are an FBA seller, there is nothing to bother about at all. All you need is to follow the rules as you prepare the inventory prior sending the items to warehouse in Amazon. For example,

  • Products that need some kind of poly bagging for packaging requires a polyethylene bag of bout 1.5ml thick and be well placed in barcode in scannable position.
  • But if it is a fragile products that needs bubble wrap, then it must be tightly wrapped. Also, scannable barcode on the outside cannot be avoided. By so doing, it can scale through 3ft drop test.
  • At times, product may require over-box prior sending to the warehouses. It is very important to prevent some products from damage when shipping. For this reason, protection is needed in multiple layers.
  • Additionally, it very crucial to follow some rules concerning the use of tape and hangers. The amazing aspect is that it is possible to know the frequency of preparation required for your products if you go through the Amazon platform.

Immediately your product is securely-packed, you can send to the Amazon fulfilment centers.


This type of management is very easy when taking advantage of Amazon FBA. The first part can be done via the Amazon Seller Central platform whereby one will need to ensure that you have offered all the details of the product prior making the listing. Through default, the Seller Central display the option for Fulfilled by Merchant but you need to change it to Fulfilled by Amazon so as to benefit from FBA.

After that, use the Manage Inventory page to find out your product inventory status.

Prime Eligibility

Another great reason why you need to register for Amazon FBA is because of prime eligibility. Are you happy to know that all products of Amazon FBA are eligible for the Prime delivery of Amazon in addition to the benefits? Therefore, FBA sellers must ensure that your inventory gets to the Amazon fulfilment centers as recommended.

Prime eligibility help to boost the sales of your products greatly. Therefore, anytime a buyer finds Prime badge next to your product description, purchase is made promptly.

Return Policy

In the world of e-commerce, returns cannot be ignored. Amazon is always ready for returns and there are many ways to carry out the return process. For example, when a customer claims that a product cannot be used, they might not be asked for the return of such product but Amazon i kind enough to send the refund.

Customer Support

Experienced customer service team are always ready to assist FBA customers concerning refunds and any other issues. Do not forget that Amazon will never offer technical support for any product but always available if there is any wrong delivery of products.

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