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Things to Look Out For When Visiting a Wedding Venue

You can have the wedding of your dreams at a top-rated venue, but if your guests don’t enjoy themselves, then it doesn’t matter how beautiful the flowers are or how delicious the food tastes. When you look at wedding venues, there are several things to consider that can make or break your big day. Here are some important things to look out for during your visit to any Sydney wedding venue that you might be considering.

Considerations before Booking

Before booking wedding reception venues Sydney, it’s important to visit multiple times. There are so many different types of weddings and venues that it may take some time before you find one that is just right for you. That said, there are a few things you should look out for during your visits in order to ensure you get exactly what you want at an affordable price. Here are a few considerations:


The location of your wedding venue is an important factor to consider when selecting one. This may include any factors from easy access to parking, nearby locations for photo opportunities, or outdoor sites for outdoor ceremonies. It is vital to visit a prospective venue and make sure that you like its location. If it doesn’t suit your needs, then select another venue until you find one that does. This way, you can be confident that you are selecting a reception hall or restaurant that will be as memorable as your wedding day itself.


When visiting a wedding venue, make sure you check that they have adequate accommodation on site. If they do not, you will need to book your own hotel and make sure that it is located close by so you can easily travel to and from your wedding event. Also make sure that it is near to restaurants and bars where you can visit with friends after your special day has ended.

Food & Drink Options

In order to ensure you’re getting a good deal, ask questions about drinks. Are they free? Are there plenty of options or just red and white wine? What are they serving? Do you have a choice in your food options? Can you bring your own food for catered events and do we get a discount for buying in bulk? Is there an event coordinator who can help with other details outside of wedding reception venues like lights, decorations, photography and more?

Reception Options

Finding a wedding reception venue can be a very exciting but overwhelming process. If you have an idea of what you want your wedding reception to look like, then narrowing down which venues fit your criteria should be fairly easy. However, if you are unsure where to start or what’s available in your area, here are some tips and things to look out for when visiting a wedding venue.

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