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Fashion Shopping In Mayfair

The term Mayfair generates many lofty visuals in mind. This affluent English neighbourhood is actually among the world’s most expensive districts. Owing to its rich past, Mayfair now houses many offices for corporate headquarters and international embassies.

Needless to say, acquiring residential property in the area is quite expensive. In fact, on the London version of the Monopoly board game, Mayfair is the most costly property square.

On the brighter side, Mayfair has evolved into a hub of culture and style. You can visit many high-end restaurants, luxury hotels, chic stores, churches, galleries and museums within the district. If you are looking for top-notch boutiques and stores to quench your thirst for fashion, Mayfair is the place to visit for sure.

Shopping for Fashion in Mayfair

Mayfair is full of opportunities for style and fashion aficionados. The uptown district flaunts a wide range and variety of shopping choices, especially for women. Some of the great Mayfair shops include – AMI Alexandre Mattiussi, APM Monaco, Annoushka, Christian Louboutin – Mayfair, Gerard Darel, Gianvito Rossi, Oscar de la Renta.

Here are detailed descriptions of these world renowned fashion stores –

AMI Alexandre Mattiussi

Balancing the concepts of chic and casual wear, Alexandre Mattiussi’s AMI store promises to provide you with a comprehensive and fashionable wardrobe. The store is relatively new, having been formed in the year 2011.

APM Monaco

This is a family owned business whose name is a tribute to its founder, Arianne Prette. Specialising in jewellery, APM Monaco blends classic aesthetics with modern creativity. The store is famous for its world-class jewellery craftsmanship.


Annoushka Ducas is one of Britain’s most famous contemporary fashion designers. So it is only natural for Annoushka to open her own store in London’s most chic neighbourhood. Specialising in jewellery design, Annoushka merges fine jewellery designing with a zest of the Bohemian spirit. A high-society favourite, every piece of jewellery in the store is crafted by hand.

Christian Louboutin – Mayfair

Established in 1991 in the city of Paris, designer Christian Louboutin started out with designing clothes for women. A few years later, Louboutin included men’s wear in his catalogues. In 2014, the designer launched his Christian Louboutin Beauté. Apart from trendy clothes for both men and women, Louboutin also offers handbags, shoes and small leather accessories.

Gerard Darel

This store offers a multitude of French-inspired clothes and accessories. Their collections include ready-to-wear ensembles (both chic and casual), handbags and accessories. Darel is particularly well known for his expertise with leather products.

Gianvito Rossi

Rossi specialises in making luxury footwear for women inspired by the Italian aesthetics. They keep their designs simple, elegant and luxurious. Among their most famous designs are the Gianvito, Portofino, Plexi, Metropolis, Ribbon Stiletto and the Ribbon Buckle.

Oscar de la Renta.

This iconic fashion outlet was established in 1965. The style veteran has been all over the world, from dressing up the stars of Hollywood and international royalty to making fashionable designs for kids. If you walk into an Oscar de la Renta store today, you can shop for many occasions. They offer many varieties of casuals, formals, bridal, accessories, fragrances and childrens wear.

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