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It doesn’t matter what clothes you wear to catch fish, I will be the first one to say so. You shouldn’t let the “right clothes” stop you from enjoying the outdoors. Over the years I have learned that I will enjoy the water and spend more time there if I am:

  1. You are protected from the sun
  2. Comfortable
  3. Dry

Additional bonus if the clothes I am wearing fit well and are fashionable. Fishing can be both functional and fashionable, who said?

Boat Bitch Apparel, a women’s boat clothing company, makes gear for women by women. This is what I believe sets them apart from other fishing apparel companies, especially when I look for the features mentioned above. Everything is designed with women anglers of all sizes in the mind. They are proud to have me as their pro-staff member on their ice fishing team, and on their open water fishing team.

Here’s a quick peek at my closet for open water fishing season. It’s pretty colorful, just a heads-up!

Breathable UPF 50+ Fishing shirt

Some Boat Bitch shirts come in sizes XXS through 4XL. Boat Bitch Apparel does an amazing job of creating clothes that fit women of all sizes. I have struggled to find a shirt in XXS, so it was a huge relief to finally find a stylish and functional shirt that fits while out on the water.

Both shirts are available in aqua, navy, and salmon. They are all stunning in their respective colors. All three colors look amazing, but I only have navy and salmon. These shirts offer sun protection with UPF50+, the highest possible rating on the ultraviolet protection factor scale. Another useful feature? These fabrics are breathable, which keeps me cool on hot summer days.

Some shirts come with a hood that provides additional sun and wind protection, as well as a removable neck gaiter. There is also a kangaroo pocket. The neck gaiter has been useful for sun protection and wind protection when cruising on the fishing boat. Some shirts feature mesh underarm panels to provide ventilation. Finger loops allow me to extend the fabric across my back for additional sun protection while casting and reeling.

This post was written by a professional at Boat Bitch. Whether it’s hats, sunset hoodies, sun and water tops or just everyday tops, Boat Bitch Apparel will keep you looking great while on your boating excursion. The super soft, feminine cut, stretchy boating clothes will keep you in Boat Bitch style looking and feeling great all day long. Featuring UPF 50+ / SPF 50+ sun protection, moisture wicking technology, pastel colors and reinforced seams Boat Bitch apparel is the perfect fit when it comes to ladies boating clothes. Check out our clothing and accessories today!

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