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8 Spring Fashion Trends for Men To Look For in 2024

It’s about time that menswear received major fashion headlines and attention. The industry has evolved significantly for guys, and women aren’t the only ones who enjoy looking great and building a fashionable and attractive wardrobe. Spring is the best time of year to add the perfect pieces to welcome warmer weather. Use lighter fabrics, trendy designs and seasonal colors to display your unique personal style.

Hello, Spring!

Spring 2024 has something for everyone in the modern man’s wardrobe. The best clothing for men begins with a classic foundation or those staples that are excellent for putting an outfit together and can be paired with jackets, jeans, suits and fine separates.

These essentials include underwear, socks, a short sleeve crew neck, pants and shoes. From there, you can begin building the ideal spring wardrobe. No one wants to be wearing heavy winter fabrics or bulky clothing when the temperatures start to rise. It’s time for rejuvenation, new tailoring and stepping up your game.

Trend #1: A Season of Changing Necklines

If you feel constricted by collars, then this may be the ideal spring year for you. Necklines are looking different this season, and legendary designers like Giorgio Armani are leading the runways. The collarless jacket is one of those hot trends that show off an air of sophistication with ease.

Pharrell Williams made his debut collection at Louis Vuitton, with the models all wearing collarless jackets. Design house Zegna featured a collarless jacket in its collection. It’s a softer look but still elegant.

Trend #2: Preparing for Changing Weather

Not every spring day looks like pure sunshine with 70 degrees and a quiet breeze rustling through the budding trees. You don’t want to shove all your outerwear into the back of your closet, but you can successfully transition your wardrobe from winter to spring.

Lighter jackets, including the bomber, jean or utility, are excellent for springtime weather. A layer such as a thin cardigan or vest is another option when the temps aren’t as warm as you’d expect. You can gradually start adding lighter fabrics like linen. Darker colors can return to the back of the closet, and you can introduce lighter shades into your wardrobe, such as beige, pale blue and even pastels.

Trend #3: Runway Trends To Note

Spring 2024 is bringing something new to menswear. Heavy styles and overtly masculine designs are taking a back seat. Imagination, quiet luxury and a return to ’90s minimalism is taking over men’s fashion shows. Many find this quite refreshing because not every item of apparel is tailored as usual.

Fashion for men is loosening up, and that’s a welcome thing. From the no-collar jacket to the soft pants trend, cargo pocket overload and more, it’s cozy and expressive.

Trend #4: Styling Short Sleeves

The short-sleeved shirt is a wardrobe essential for the spring season. When you choose handsome performance polos, you have a style that can work with dressier pieces as well as your casual ones. You’re instantly elevating your fashion vibe.

These polos give you a flattering fit that enhances your physique. The fabric is lightweight, breathable and moisture-wicking. This classic shirt is perfect for everyday activities, and you can wear it with light layers, including a blazer, bomber or jean jacket, vest or thin cardigan. The polo also looks fab with jeans, shorts, chinos, tailored trousers and activewear.

Trend #5: Prominent Colors To Look For

If there’s one shade that every man’s wardrobe needs in spring 2024, it’s kelly green. Ralph Lauren featured the color in men’s blazers, turtlenecks and trousers under his Purple Label. Kiton and MSGM also included the bright hue on the runway.

Kelly green looks fresh, vibrant and classic. Dust blue is another hot color to look for this spring, and camo prints in a variety of hues are also big news in menswear. Pharrell Williams showed off tech-inspired pixelated camouflage outfits at Louis Vuitton.

Trend #6: Soft Pants Are In

The soft material used for athleisure wear has found its way into men’s trousers for spring 2024, and it feels and looks amazing. The soft pants trend is bringing a new shape to menswear with a slightly tailored cut. The fabrics have a plushness and include stretchy waistbands. This goes for men’s shorts, too.

You can add performance joggers to that list. These are super comfortable with a soft, moisture-wicking fabric, elastic waistband and elastic cuffs.

It’s a relaxed look with a relaxed construction of material, and in some cases, baggy trousers are the highlight. Also, be on the lookout for cargo pockets galore across baggy pants, jackets and shirts.

Trend #7: Comfort Is Key

Comfort is the name of the game for men’s clothing this spring — nothing feels tight or restricting to the body. It’s all about a relaxed fit for men in innovative shapes, cuts and materials.

Some designers, including Prada, are showing off roomy trousers with sharply tailored jackets emphasizing a defined waist.

Trend #8: Staying Comfortable While on Trend

The key to spring 2024 men’s fashion is staying comfy but true to yourself. In other words, you don’t have to adopt every trend-making style this season. Fashion should be fun and allow individuals to express themselves.

A reinvention of the male wardrobe is going on, and that’s a good thing. Men want their clothing to be comfy and functional and look incredible without needing to fit into traditional designs and expectations.

Gentlemen Have More Fashion Options

Personal style is something every person develops. Women have dominated fashion headlines and runways for decades, but times have changed dramatically. Menswear is taking a new approach, and guys watch what other men wear. You have more options for putting an outfit together, so shed that collar, and head out the door!

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