3 ways to wear the blouse
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3 ways to wear the woman’s blouse

The woman’s blouse, or the tunic as it is tightened at the bottom or more fluid, is a true chameleon piece. It adapts to different everyday situations, to bring you an ever more elegant and trendy style. It is an ideal piece to wear in mid-season, because of its lightness and comfort. Discover 3 ways to wear the blouse, and adopt this flagship piece without delay!

The white blouse for a chic outfit

The white coat is a must-have piece of her wardrobe. Indeed just wear it to make any outfit elegant and chic. Blouse with long sleeves or short sleeves, you choose according to your preferences. You can wear this white blouse for distinguished events such as ceremonies, or at professional or important meetings.

A tunic printed everyday

The women’s blouse design is also worn everyday, which is not displeasing to us. She is so fluid and comfortable, so much to enjoy! For a shopping session, a walk in the sun or the visit of an exhibition, she will accompany you everywhere! Dare the blouse with bold colors and trendy and original prints. Thus a printed tunic will be perfect worn with straight jeans, a long waistcoat and a satchel handbag.

Ideal in evening dress: the black blouse

The black women’s tunic is the essential piece to wear in evening dress! Whether for a romantic dinner or a meal with friends, your black blouse will necessarily enhance your fluid and elegant cut. Worn with pleated pants or a pencil skirt, accessorized with costume jewelry and a beautiful clutch, it will make you look good every time.

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