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The Cold Has Bennificial Effects On Your Body

In the heart of winter, when temperatures are stagnating below zero, you only think of one thing. We dream of sun and heat. And yet, the cold has some very beneficial consequences on your body. Juror, spit!

Winter often rhymes with big down jacket, runny nose, low morale. But do not forget that the cold still has positive effects on your body.

The cold allows to lose weight, or almost. Clearly, your body fat burns a lot more calories than when the temperature is higher. In winter, the body must maintain its temperature at 37 °. The fat that stores calories therefore tends to burn them faster. As a result, even minimal physical activity has very beneficial effects on your body. That’s why you’re hungry after a walk in the cold. Be careful not to compensate by eating too many squeegees and other tartiflettes.

To calm the pains

It is not for nothing that when one is injured one must immediately put ice on sprains , strains or inflammations. The lowering of the temperature of the area concerned makes it possible to decrease the pain in parallel. In the same way, athletes also recover much more easily thanks to the cold. This is also a technique often used in major international competitions to allow athletes to perform well over time.

The cold allows to decrease the diameter of the blood vessels, then to dilate immediately after these same vessels. Consequences, the blood flow is immediately improved. The organs therefore receive the necessary amount of blood, with healthy cells. Northern European countries use cold as an often daily therapy to improve their blood circulation . The thermal shocks of the sauna and then cold baths or showers allow a better elasticity of the skin and a good general health. This is valid also for the skin of the face, consequence, the winter, you look better !

Sleeping well is often a struggle. But winter is much easier. Indeed, for the night of sleep is really restorative, the temperature of the room must oscillate between 15 and 20 degrees . In winter, it is therefore sufficient to play with the buttons of the radiator. In the same logic, cold helps concentration and productivity. The ideal temperature to concentrate and work as efficiently as possible is 17 degrees

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