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The Essential Guide To Christmas Party Outfits

The Christmas party season is near and it has never felt so exciting. The second year out of the pandemic, last year was just the warm-up for getting back to complete seasonal freedom. With new trends and styles to follow every year, it is hard to know what to buy before it is too late. The last thing you need is being invited to a festive party with nothing to wear, or not planning outfits for the events to come this season. Getting the outfits prepared and planned sooner rather than in the depths of the Christmas shopping panic is key. Also, you want to be the stand-out guest to the others, and being the trendsetter for the festive season is a great honour. We have an easy-to-follow guide for this season’s favourites.

Little black dresses

A universal dress choice for all event types, if you haven’t yet given into little black dresses you need to! This contemporary dress can pull off any look, whether you are going for a sultry or authentic look. The reason they are so timeless is their all-inclusive look, you really can make a simple black dress look like a million bucks with the correct accessories. Keeping in the festive theme, if you are going to give this look a go have your jewellery pieces on point. This style should compliment any cocktail party occasion especially, but as mentioned before this look is pretty transferrable for any event.

Maxi/ midi gowns

Christmas is the best time for doing everything extra, and that should not exclude your wardrobe. If you are going to higher-status events such as a black tie, now is the time to take advantage of having Christmas party dresses at the ready. We don’t mean an 1800s gown with frills, but going for a long flowy sophisticated dress would be the right choice. Showing a little bit of skin should not be discouraged as the bardo style of dresses is shooting back up in terms of popularity. Length-wise, if you are going to show more skin up top you should opt for the midi/maxi length whilst ensuring there is leg room for dancing the night away to ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’.


Out-of-office glam is rife in popularity, and we are carrying this style into the festive season with a few minor improvements. The standard jumpsuit is perfect for comfort whilst out enjoying the season. A holiday twist you should aim for is the variations of materials and styles on these suits. Velvet as always will be acceptable during this season, so if you are looking to make a statement at any event opting for velvet textured suits, or even just a blazer is going to send that message of confidence. On the topic of materials, anything sequin is going to reflect the festive feeling. You will steal the show when you enter the room in a gleaming power suit.

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