Why Choose Moissanite Rings?
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Why Choose Moissanite Rings?

A moissanite rings that is made up of long-lasting moissanite stones. On MOH scale a moissanite stone scores 9.25 which is a good score indeed and also it proves that this is one of those hardest substances in this world. This beautiful gemstone that occurred naturally was discovered by a French chemist called Henri Moissan at a meteor crash site. It was discovered in the year 1893. At-first he thought it was diamond and it was not. Until 1904 he realized that it was a new mineral called Silicon Carbide.

Let`s cover up the most important fact

Moissanite ring is not a diamond ring; both are different from each other. Though these look-alike a diamond ring is a diamond ring, not a moissanite one. Well, moissanite has properties that are very close to diamonds. It is the hardest gemstone that is used to jewelry just next to diamonds.

Something more about Moissanites

Moissanite is such an interesting and beautiful gemstone. It is a naturally occurring mineral also known as silicon carbide. Moissanite is actually extremely rare in nature. It is only been found in a couple of rocks since its first discovery. Analysis of the meteorite suggests that it comes from stars beyond the solar system which is pretty cool.

Fairly easy to synthesize

Luckily moissanite is fairly easy to synthesize in a lab. All the moissanites you see in jewelry and in the industrial setting is man-made. There are two main properties in moissanite relevant to joy. The first is

  • Mineral Hardness
  • It is really sparkly

Mineral Hardness

There is a scale called MOH scale of mineral hardness which tells you, how hard different minerals are. On that scale, moissanite scores 9.25 and out of all gemstones used in jewelry, it is the second hardest after diamond. It is one of the hardest minerals in general. This is great for engagement rings because you know your ring won`t get chipped or scratched in day to day life.

Moissanite is truly sparkly

Moissanite has a higher brilliance than a diamond which means that it reflects more white light. It also has higher fire compared to diamond which means it reflects a wider spectrum of light and has more of a rainbow sparkle compared to a diamond.

Alternative to traditional Diamonds

A lot of people also choose moissanite as an especially responsible alternative to traditional diamonds. Traditional Diamonds are always appreciated but time changes. As you might know, a lot of diamonds are mined in developing nations including Zimbabwe and Sierra Leon the labor is often are not fairly paid or worse there mined in a warzone or by child laborers. Diamond mining can also be quite harmful to the environment.

There is a process for certifying conflict-free diamonds called the Kimberley Process. This process has been criticized widely by multiple human rights organizations because previously countries that have been in breach of the conditions have still been labeled by the process as compliant. Still, it is possible to find truly conflict-free diamonds or lab-grown diamonds. It is just a bit more expensive compared to moissanite.

Why choose Moissanite Rings instead of Diamond Rings?

At the end of World War one and during great depression diamonds and engagement rings, in general, were going out of fashion. Very few people even bothered with an engagement ring and of those only 10 percent of American engagement rings contained a single diamond. At that time there was a company that had a monopoly over the diamond industry and in the year 1939, they ran one of the most successful marketing campaigns in history.

There was the company to associate the true love the slogan diamonds are forever and saying that a man should spend a one-month salary on an engagement ring. Later they increased that to a two-month salary. The campaign was insanely successful. To be as restricted to supply of diamonds so they would seem that they really are they jacked up the prices.

Why invest thus much?

Investing a lot in a single flow can`t be a worthy option. Some people say sure diamonds are expensive but also an investment. Is that really true? While you are getting exactly the same quality gemstone called Moissanite in such an affordable price then why to invest such a huge amount! The retail markup on diamonds is so significant. It will inevitably make a loss if you try to resell a diamond that you bought from a jewelry store and now that to be is no longer having monopolies. We now have the capacity to make essentially infinite diamonds in a lab.

The value of diamonds as a whole is very likely to decrease. Let be very clear that not bashing diamonds. Diamonds are gorgeous but also the moissanites rings are. The way diamonds sparkle it is absolutely lovely. That is why to choose a gemstone which exactly looks like a diamond and sparkles the same way. If you can afford a conflict-free or a lab cone diamond and a diamond is really what you want and you should go for it. While it is about budget moissanite would be the best option rather.

Go with your own decision

While purchasing on your own always purchase what you want. No one is going to pay your bills sodon`t be dependent on what people are saying. Just ask for suggestions but always be decisive while purchasing something on your own. Decisions should always be taken by yourself. Moissanite will always be a better option at an affordable price but if the diamond is the thing that you wised for or you wanted for then just go for it but never think like they are the early option or necessarily the best option for everyone.


Ultimately you should spend however much you and your partner agree is a reasonable amount for a ring that you really love that will last you a lifetime. If anyone has anything bad to say about it just ask him or her one of the moissanites. Choosing a moissanite ring never be a bad decision.

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