5 Essentials to Add to Your K-Beauty Arsenal
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5 Essentials to Add to Your K-Beauty Arsenal

Some of the most popular Korean stars are endorsers of beauty products. The Korean entertainment industry works hand-in-hand with the beauty industry, which explains the overlap. Plus, influential stars make for the best product endorsers. When you do look at their faces, they all look flawless and the makeup they wear looks so natural, you can’t differentiate it from their real skin.

If you want to get the same effects on your skin, these 5 essentials should be part of your arsenal:

Cushion Foundation

Cushion foundation was invented precisely because of K-beauty and its highlight on hydration. Your usual liquid or powder foundation may dry out the skin, but a cushion foundation is watery enough to provide moisture and hydration. Its compact packaging also makes it easy to carry around, eliminating the hassle of retouching your makeup when you’re outside. Cushions give that healthy dewy finish that no other types of foundation can achieve as effortlessly.


You can choose to have a very basic skincare routine, but one thing you can’t ignore is the sunscreen. This is an essential step when you’re going out, and in fact, some Koreans still wear sunscreen even if they’re just at home. You’ll want to be protected from the dangers of harmful UV rays, which can penetrate home and car windows, and even umbrellas or hats.

Acne Patch

It’s hard to conceal acne and pimples. There are concealers that help you hide them as you wear makeup, but these products might be too drying for the skin. Acne patches serve as a spot treatment for acne or pimples, and they are usually in skin tone so that they will not be noticeable when you go out. You can also blend them with your makeup to cover the problem areas without having to pile up on heavy products.

Daily Toner

When you cleanse your skin, it strips off some of the natural oils on the surface, and it might change the pH level of your face. Toners help you bring your skin to normal pH levels and aid in the absorption of skincare products. You can use a diluted version of your toner in the morning just to freshen up the skin, and you can use it at night before you moisturize.

Lip Tint

The natural, dewy finish you see on your favorite K-drama stars is often paired with natural lip colors that give them a fresh vibe. These natural lips are achieved with the use of lip tints, which are not as glossy as your lipstick or as heavy as your matte liquid lippies. Lip tints are light enough that you can dab them on your cheeks as a makeshift blush, and again on your lips to get that natural look. With this and your cushion foundation, you’re ready to be the star in your own K-drama.

If you’re into Korean entertainment and fashion, you’ll be intrigued about K-beauty. Start with the essentials and start improving your skin to look natural at its best.

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