Wear Gold Chains with Style!-Top 3 Tips for Men
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Wear Gold Chains with Style!-Top 3 Tips for Men

Men’s gold chains are fast becoming a fashion trend. It’s a common practice to spot men wearing styling gold chains. The good thing about these fashion accessories is that you can wear them to accentuate your outfit and overall look. However, you must understand how to wear them right. Besides, there are different types of gold chains for men, and you can get a perfect match for your desired look.

What are the common types of men’s gold chains?

The most popular designs include the Cuban curb chains, rope chains, Franco chain, and the Figaro chain. The Cuban curb chain interlocks and lays flat on your chest. Some have a slightly flattened face, while others feature rounder walls and are chunky.

The other type is the Figaro; these are gender-neutral and suit both men and women. They are intricate and are an iconic aspect of men’s fashion. Figaro chains feature an alternating design and flattened links in different sizes. Similarly, rope gold chains are classic and look good on everyone and add that lavish look to your outfit. You can go for thin or thick ropes, but the thinner ones are secure options for beginners.

Here’s how to wear men’s gold chains in style:

  1. Know what you want

 Your choice of chain matters and will define your overall look. If you fancy chunky chains, you can try thicker Cuban Curb or Herringbone chains. Pair them with a black jacket, a turtleneck, or a printed T-shirt. You can also add a cap to enhance your looks. However, if you love that simple look, rope chains would be ideal. These delicate pieces will add that versatile touch to your attire. You can also explore the itshot.com’s vast collection for more stylish designs.

  1. Think of your wardrobe style

You can pair gold chains with almost all outfits, but you should also remember to pick the best outfits in your wardrobe. For instance, a chocker won’t look fashionable when worn with a turtleneck. Instead, pair it with an outfit showing your collar or neck. Fill your wardrobe with outfits like round T-shirts, jackets, parker coats, neck scarf and more.

  1. Consider your facial shape& structure.

Your facial shape should define your choices. Don’t choose a short or bold gold chain if you have a round face. It will make your face appear rounder. Instead, go for a slim chain to slim down your facial structure. If you have a slim thin face, go for short chains and avoid long ones.

What’s the best length?

 You’ll get men’s gold chains in varying lengths. These will typically range from 14- 30 inches, and choosing the right fit can be daunting. The wrong length will make you look odd and ruin your style. The standard lengths are;

  • 18 inches for small neck sizes
  • 20 inches, the average length for most men, and reaches the collarbone.
  • 22 inches- falls below the collarbone
  • 24 inches reaches the breastbone

In summary, adding a gold chain to your outfit is an excellent way to spruce up your looks and look more stylish. You can pair a gold chain with different outfits and other fashion accessories. However, it’s advisable to acquire your chains from reputed stores to avoid counterfeits.

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