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Steal the Limelight with Reflective Party Collection by Helix

As they say- “time and tide wait for none”, but the watch on your wrist always helps you walk hand-in-hand with time. An elegant wristwatch compliments your look and lets you dictate time.

With the advent of 2020 what comes along is the party season. The upcoming Valentine’s week is just the right occasion to celebrate your love and join endless parties to rejoice your love. But parties ask for the tough decision of picking up the right dress and the right watch that completes your look. To ease out this tough decision for you, Helix has released a new party collection. This new party collection will give a voguish touch to your chic party look and will help you flaunt your signature look.

Glow Party Trend

Glow parties are in vogue and for all the right reasons. They let young people get out, cut loose and have a good time. Such parties are popular among the youngsters who love to wave their glow sticks around in the air. While the glow bangles, rings, masks etc. definitely create a surreal environment in the darkened spaces, a watch that glows can actually be the show-stopper of all the accessories. Carrying one on your wrist will make you the star of the party. Wondering where to look for? Helix is up with its new reflective collection.

Helix Reflective Collection-

Helix’s newly launched party collection has 9 unique styles to serve all your party moods. What makes this party collection watches desirable is its innovative feature, which is a reflective material in its leather attachments. When exposed to light this reflective material shines and reflects light. Also, this reflective material makes your watch a cool accessory and lets you rule the party with your jazzy look.

This funky party collection has two sections. The first section of watches has a 34mm round case and a bow-shaped lug profile. These watches come in vibrant colors and their reflective materials make them perfect party watches.

The second section of watches has a 45mm thick case, wide bezel, and lugs. They are available in vibrant variants including steel, brown, and black variants. The reflective materials of these watches are brightly neon-colored and allow you to rock the party.

What’s exciting is that there’s a wireless headset free with each Helix purchase from 20th Jan to 20th Feb. Yet one more reason to buy your watch from the Helix party collection.

This party season let your friends groove over your tunes and looks with your reflective Helix watch.

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