How Can Promotional Products Boost Your Company’s Sales
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How Can Promotional Products Boost Your Company’s Sales?

Marketing and getting people to know about your business is the most important aspect of increasing sales. Companies nowadays spend thousands of dollars on different marketing techniques such as digital marketing, social media marketing, and traditional billboards. However, if you are on a strict budget, using customized promotional gifts can help you reach a large audience with little investment.

Promotional gifts are customizable to suit your needs and companies like Custom Earth Promos can fulfill these needs for you. They are an eco-friendly marketing company based in Delray Beach, Florida, USA.  Since their establishment in 2009, they have aimed to replace the use of single use plastic, so they make custom big reusable bags with logo, custom water bottles, etc.

Types of promotional gifts

The following are some types of promotional products that you can customize to promote your brand.

  • Hand Sanitizer: This is one of the more unconventional products. However, it can be of use as everyone likes to stay hygienic and germ-free. They offer your customers a germ-free solution whilst boosting your brand at every use.
  • Pens: Pens are the most used promotional products, mostly opted by big corporate companies. Pens are the most basic tool required for any meeting, conference or other office work, which makes it highly functional. Their need makes it effective in promoting your brand by reaching a large number of people.
  • Smartphone wallets: This is a new invention that has been catered to generation Z. The most important item for gen z is their smartphones, so a smartphone wallet safely holds your smartphone, cash, and cards. Furthermore, they are affordable so you don’t have to invest too much in marketing your brand.
  • Tote bags: Tote bags are not just functional, but also environmentally friendly. They are a stylish and functional alternative to single-use plastic bags. Tote bags are large in size providing a large space for companies to customize their logos, and add slogans.

Benefits of using promotional products

The following are some points that prove that using promotional products can help in promoting your brand.

  • Boost sales: The custom promotional products are inexpensive and a long term promotional investment.
  • Build brand awareness: It is crucial for a brand to build brand awareness so, the best way to promote your logo and brand name is by distributing products with your information on it.
  • Surprise customers: Everyone loves receiving gifts, so when you provide your customers with gifts such as tote bags and water bottles that provide functionality, they are more likely to accept your brand. Furthermore, they will think of your brand every time they use the product.
  • Inexpensive promotion: Customizing these products in bulk is much cheaper and much more effective than hiring billboards or posting ads in newspapers.


The above-mentioned points prove that using promotional products can help spread awareness about your brand and ultimately boost your company’s sales. It also seems like an economically efficient and effective technique in comparison to the traditional methods.

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