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Send Flowers to Japan

The country of Japan, also known as the land of the rising sun is located in East Asia. The Sea of Japan borders the country on the West while the Pacific Ocean borders it on the East. Being popular for its beauty, Japan has quite a number of tourists each year. The serenity of the country is particularly highlighted by a widespread of flowers throughout the land. The colorful blossoms neatly lined up along the sidewalks and in parks add to the beauty. The reason why Japanese culture has a special affiliation with flowers is the way these blooms spread everywhere the eye can see. The famous Japanese art of flower arrangement known as ‘Ikebana’ is a tradition and dates back to the 7th century when altars were decorated with flowers. The literal meaning of Ikebana in Japanese is ‘giving life to flowers’, a beautiful way to describe their exquisite arrangement. So in Japan, flowers have a close association with both cultural and religious festivals.

Even those who are unaware of the importance of flowers in Japan can very well notice the eminence of flower symbolism in Japanese culture. Send Flowers to Japan surrounds its people in everyday life, through art and literature. The most popular flower cherry blossom is found nearly everywhere in Japan while chrysanthemum, its second most popular flower is seen on things such as crockery and coins. On the arrival of cherry blossom, a festival is conducted throughout the country to celebrate it. Chrysanthemum, on the other hand, symbolizes the Emperor and the Imperial family which is why it appears on the Imperial seal. Other famous flowers that are also commonly presented to one another on special occasions as a mark of courtesy include peony (the king of flowers), lotus, and carnation.

As a nation under the influence of Buddhist ideology, flowers play a vital role in terms of symbolism hence making it a significant portion of the Japanese way of life. In Japan, it is important to examine a few of the most prominent factors of Japanese flower symbolism. Hanakotoba, the language of flowers in Japanese is a unique way of symbolizing flowers for different meanings and the messages conveyed by them. In Japan, each flower is essentially known to portray a different meaning specifically based on its physical attributes and appearances in the history of art and literature. Consequently, every flower is capable of delivering a different emotion and sentiment linked with it.

People in Japan have developed a close affiliation with flowers for which the country is especially known. So, if you have a loved one living anywhere in Japan, you can decide to send flowers as a token of your love. Flowers are truly an enchanting way to express your emotions even to those who live miles away from you. Consequently, they also serve as a beautiful strategy of erasing distances in between. The scent and visual appearance are itself alluring enough to catch the attention of anyone. The scent of flowers may fade and petals may wither but the priceless moments created by them last a lifetime. These fragrant blooms hold the power of capturing one’s sentiments which in turn adds excitement to one’s day.

With the progress in technology and facilities provided by the internet, you need not worry about sending them to Japan. send flowers to japan online services have got you all covered as you can now rely on them and send freshly made flowers on a special occasion. The online websites that deal with flower delivery services to Japan facilitate their customers 24/7 throughout the week. So you can easily send flowers and places an order for them whenever you want while sitting comfortably in your bed. Delivery at your recipient’s doorstep is what makes this offer more attractive. In this way, you can surprise your loved one living in Japan on their special without them having even the slightest idea of your present. Moreover, the services can be availed for the exact day of celebration or occasion in a fresh way before the excitement for the day fades. Also, the flowers of your choice can be arranged the way you desire for example in a mixed arrangement or single kind arranged neatly in either a basket or bouquet. So avail this opportunity right away and select the best suitable flowers online that will leave your recipient awestruck!

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