Know What to Leave Behind and Prepare for Top 2020 Fashion Trends at
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Know What to Leave Behind and Prepare for Top 2020 Fashion Trends at

2020 brings with it some fresh fashion trends; however, it has also made key styles that have dominated the fashion scene in the past decade obsolete this year. Some of these styles will surprise you as they are popular and still loved by women across the globe. When it comes to fashion, some things come and go. However, some styles suddenly resurface and take over the fashion scene in such a way that comes as a big surprise!

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Victoria Barbara is no stranger in the fashion world, and she is known for her high end and street style fashion. She is an Instagram influencer and has her own fashion blog called, popular among several women. She says some 2020 fashion trends have really come in as a big surprise as they have left some key fashion styles behind. Take a look at them below-

  1. Straight leg jeans- These jeans will be in vogue in 2020 and are likely to replace skinny jeans. Straight leg jeans with flares at the bottom and cuts at the ankle look amazing. Boot cut jeans with mom jams are also quite popular in the market. They dominated the major runways of 2020 across the globe.
  2. Blazers- The boyfriend blazer is in vogue this year. It replaces the fitting blazer and has a cut that is oversized and is longer. This blazer covers your buttocks and looks like you are actually wearing your boyfriend’s blazer. They look amazing with high-waisted bottoms as they hit below the buttocks. You can also wear a fitted dress under a boyfriend blazer to get the perfect look and appeal.
  3. Cardigans- 2020 is the year of the cardigan, and you can wear it in more ways than one. Earlier, women believed there is only one way for you to wear a cardigan, i.e., with buttons open. However, 2020 sees the simple cardigan become a major fashion trend this year. It has been mostly influenced by designers from France where you can tuck in the cardigan under a pair of jeans like a top or wear it over your jeans with a few buttons opened or closed. The smaller cardigan trend is also popular. This version has a pearl-like button. Otherwise, you can always wear the regular cardigan as a top with all the buttons up. So, if you have some cute cardigans in your closet, get them out and wear them as cute tops over a pair of jeans or a skirt.

For other exciting and cool 2020 fashion trends for the year, you can visit for inspirational ideas. Victoria Barbara says there are many interesting fashion trends for 2020 for women of all ages. Leather and trench coats are also in this year. They are available in many colors and styles. They are wearable, and you can choose from the super classic looks to coats that are more intricate in designs and cuts for you to the sport!

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