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Why Helium Birthday Balloons are the best?

Our lives are incomplete without celebrations. The celebration in our lives starts from the first birthday party and continues on different occasions in our lives in different ways with various people. The progression of time has changed the dynamics of partying. Despite the differences in dynamics, a party is incomplete without certain things. Good food, tasty juices, music, people, and beautiful decoration defines a good party.

The decoration of parties has evolved as per the emerging trends and interests of the people. The themes of decoration vary as per the occasion. If it is a birthday party, usually the colors used in decoration are going to be more white and bright. If the decoration is for a wedding the color would be a mix of white and red or pink and white that will spray the aroma of romance into the air. The Halloween party celebrated in the west usually has a darker theme as it is about devils, ghosts, and witches.

The decoration is done according to the occasion. Decoration for an event celebration is not a cakewalk. It requires proper planning and execution. A decoration is incomplete without lights, balloons, and beautiful colors. The balloon plays a very important in all of these celebrations. It becomes tough to choose the type of balloon for the event as it can be dangerous sometimes. Helium Birthday Balloons are said to be one of the safest balloons. This blog will tell you why to use helium balloons for your next party.

Why use Helium Balloons?

i) Safe in Nature:

Balloons made of mylar and foil are prone to catch fire. Helium balloons are fire-resistant that don’t catch fire. Helium being a noble gas is non-reactive to any objects or materials. It is a safe way of having a blast at the party. At parties, balloons are usually tied near the spot where the cake-cutting is done. Children are the most likely candidates to play with these balloons. When these little peeps play they don’t heed over consuming air of the balloon. The air present in mylar and foil balloons is dangerous to consume. On the contrary, helium is not that threatening. That doesn’t imply that letting kids consume ‘laughing gas’ is normal. At celebration events, we should be especially attentive in looking after the little kids. Partying without discrepancies has got easier with helium balloons

ii) Long-lasting:

Just like how an elephant can’t swim in the water you can’t be a proactive party planner and buy balloons of foil and mylar. The balloons of foil or mylar don’t last long as the helium. The helium balloon’s durability is much longer it can last up to more than ten hours. The floating ability of these balloons makes them unique from the other balloons. Helium balloons that are evenly priced float for three to four days. The elite premium helium balloons have floated for several weeks in the past. When taken outside the float timing of these will diminish because of the sun’s heat. Helium escapes rapidly under the sunlight. As Helium is much lighter compared to air it can float for a longer time.

iii) Variety of Graphics and Designs:

Customization in balloons is infinite. One can customize the balloon in any way one wants. The balloons are created in various designs and shapes. Starting from traditional round-shaped balloons to the balloons of different animals like dinosaurs, elephants, etc.. there’s no resistance to creativity in creating air-filled creatures. The balloons are made of different cartoons as well. Kids are always attracted to these differently-shaped balloons. They can be good gifts to present to your cousins or niece and nephew.

iv) Great medium to market the message:

Many times these floating helium balloons leave long-lasting impressions. These balloons are used by marketing firms, brands as well as individuals. “Marry Me” balloons floating in the air are one of the common examples of helium balloons floating with a message. Many airlines also use this technique to embed their brand’s identity in the minds of the mass. These balloons are visible in the air during festivals like Eid, New Year, and Christmas. Numerous helium balloons take over the galaxy during sporting events like World Cup, Olympics, and Commonwealth games. To date, it is considered one of the most effective ways of advertising without any adversity.

v) Cost:

The cost of helium balloons is a little heavier than mylar and foil balloons. Considering the different benefits that helium balloons offer for example fire resistant power, floating durability, and the ability to mold into different shapes it is quite better than the other balloons. It depends on the customer whether he will pay a little more by choosing quality or he will choose to be economically inviting possible risks.

vi) Reusable: 

If one buys helium balloons then they don’t need to be concerned about buying balloons constantly on different occasions. Helium balloons are reusable, most of these balloons once they are used or deflated can be inflated again with more helium. Whereas if you choose to buy foil balloons, you need to keep buying them on different occasions.

vii) Weather-proof:

Helium balloons are versatile they can be used for any occasion let the party or celebration be indoor or outdoor. The mode of celebration doesn’t affect the quality of it. Helium balloons are weatherproof one doesn’t have to worry about rain, wind, or storm. The balloons will stand tall and strong.

Where to buy these balloons?

The emergence of globalization and privatization has enabled the whole world to get access to every product that exists. Sooner or later you are exposed to every product present in this world. One can’t escape exposure to any products. Like any other product helium balloons is available everywhere. Online shopping is one way to buy this product. The sale of Helium balloons in Dubai UAE, India, UK, and USA is maximum. Balloons being an inevitable part of the celebrations is available everywhere in both physical and online stores.

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