Influential History of Fashion Taking you to a Different World
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Influential History of Fashion Taking you to a Different World

The economic boom that began during the previous decade continued in 1960, more people were benefiting from prosperity and interaction with fashion began to change and became progressively more casual across all genders and ages.

Slimmer and sleeker lines on outfits were widely appreciated in 60’s Costumes. A-line and shift dresses being among the most preferable costumes for women and tapered dress shirt being admired by men. Women’s Skirt’s hemlines rose higher and two-piece bikinis were the most influential swimming attire. 1960s completely embraced and encouraged the individual identity through fashion.

Clothes for women

1960s Womenswear can be categorized basically in three trends:

  1. Lady-like elegance the traditional look from the previous decade
  2. Youthful-fun designs
  3. Late 1960s the Eastern influenced hippie styles

Early 1960s

In the early phase of 1960stailored skirts, stiletto heel shoes and suits with short boxy jacket with oversized buttons were the elegant costumes preferred by women. The simple geometric dresses called shifts were also popular among females. Full skirted evening gowns often with a low décolletage and close fitting waists were worn as evening dress.

Trousers also for women

Before 1960, trousers had been viewed as masculine but with the birth of drapeline jeans and Capri pants it became acceptable for women to wear them daily.

Music had its influence

Popular genres of music were associated with particular fashion trends such as modernists to British invasion, hippies to psychedelic and folk rock and so on. Television also played a special role for spreading the latest style trends through music.

Mid 1960s

Space age fashion

This phase was greatly influenced by the space race of the Cold war and additionally science fictional television series. Garments with bold shapes and a plastic texture in materials like synthetic fabrics were quite popular. Space look includes trouser suits, goggles, box-shaped dresses with high skirts and go-go boots.

A continuous fashion of miniskirt

Miniskirt was introduced in 1964 and changed the concept of fashion forever. The introduction had a great impact on youth culture and society in general. It was not just a piece of cloth that lay few inches above the knee besides it was a symbol of sexuality and power that represents 60’s Costumes.

Modernist views

New fads adopted by the modernists and imitated by many young people. Women often dressed in male fashion though the modernist look was classy. Slim fitted pants were accompanied by slim shirts with a necessary button-down collar. Very short miniskirts were worn by the modernist girls with brightly colored go-go boots. Monochromatic geometric patterns like houndstooth and tight fitted sleeveless tunics were also welcome. Bell-bottoms and flared trousers somehow replaced Capri pants and led the way to the hippie period.

Late 1960s

Hippie subculture

Late 60s was fashioned with ponchos, moccasins, polka dot-printed fabrics and long puffed bubble sleeves. Frayed bell-bottomed jeans, tie-dyed shirts, work shirts and headbands were among the other preferred outfits regardless of gender. Women would often go braless and shirts with transparent sleeves were often worn by females.1960s witnessed the emergence of psychedelic prints, hemp and the Woodstock look.

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