6 Secrets of Making Your Cheap Bridesmaid Dress Look Expensive
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6 Secrets of Making Your Cheap Bridesmaid Dress Look Expensive

Summary: Are you wondering how to look beautiful in a cheap bridesmaid dress? Know the secrets.

Being a bridesmaid, you may not want to steal the spotlight, but you would like to look as ravishing as possible. And there is no sin in it. When you will walk with other bridesmaids, you want that there is symmetry but you also want to show your personality and style statement through your dress and the way you have decked you up. But what would be if your budget is tight? Well, you can buy an affordable dress and wear it on your friend or one of your relative’s wedding.

And as there are several bridal shops that offer an extensive collection of cheap bridesmaid dresses, getting the one that will accentuate your best features will not be something difficult for you. But can you look as stunning with a cheap dress as you look when you wear an expensive one? You can look stylish even in a cheap bridesmaid dress if you know how to accessorize it properly. To help you, here, we have put together a few secrets that will help you in this fashion game.

1  Wear large earrings

One of the best ways to draw attention to your face and add a hint of sparkle is to wear large earrings. Whether the door knocker’s of the ’80s are your thing, or you prefer chunky faux diamond studs, a statement earring will always add a drama to your cheap bridesmaid outfit. However, before buying the earring, ask the bride-to-be is there any rule regarding earrings. If there is anything then know what it is, if not, then you are free to choose what you like

2  Go for long necklaces

Another way to look stylish is to wear long necklaces. They create a long and vertical line that will make you look taller and leaner. It will be particularly good for you if you are a girl of short-height. Have fun with long chains or beaded necklaces. But beware, one chunky beaded necklace is enough. Too many will hurt your overall look.

3  Concentrate on proportions

If you have decided to wear an outfit that is big and at the same time voluminous, then scale back on the accessories. On the other hand, if you have decided to wear something sleeker, you can choose something little bigger and bolder with some big accessories. If you are not sure what to wear, then discuss with a fashion designer and then decide what to wear on the special day.

4  Embrace bolder accessories for a basic outfit

Amazing bridesmaid dresses are all about balance. Even a simple or basic bridesmaid dress can look exceptionally beautiful when you know how to carry it with the right accessories. Accessories can add interest and complexity to a plain and balance rest of the thing. So, if you have bought a simple bridesmaid dress, choose bolder accessories to complete and complement the look.

5  Say ‘no’ to too many accessories

Too many not always equal too good. And as you don’t want to look like a kid playing dress-up in mom’s closet, you have to very careful when selecting accessories for your bridesmaid attire. Exercise a little bit of restraining with accessories. If you have statement earrings, then don’t wear bangles. Keep it to one or two main pieces.

6  Don’t think twice before mixing materials

When it comes to jewelry, it is totally okay to mix metals. Mixing up your jewelry can help you to create fabulous look. So, there is no point to think twice to throw things together and see what happens. You might come up with some amazing look.

So, whether you want to buy blush, gold or burgundy bridesmaid dresses at affordable prices, follow these secrets to look amazing on this D-day.

Author bio: Paul Williams, a fashion blogger on pink and burgundy bridesmaid dresses, here writes on a few secrets on how to look beautiful in cheap bridesmaid dresses.

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