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How To Choose Perfect Diamond Engagement Rings Online?

“Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch your heart”

Diamonds have been used as a sign of everlasting bond and pure love since forever. Hence, diamonds come as the first option when it comes to engagement rings. Especially for women as it is said to be a woman’s best friends. The dazzling stone pleases ladies and is efficient enough to impress men as well. Be it a surprise or a planned ceremony, a diamond ring is the best option to pop the question.

Though each diamond is unique and precious in its own way, you need to choose carefully from the many options available. Everyone desires to have a perfect diamond ring. But buying diamonds is an expensive task, and you surely do not wish to spend your entire savings on one ring. The cost of a diamond ring depends on many factors such as quality, clarity, cut, carat, setting, and design of the ring.

Here are some important features that you must keep in mind while buying an engagement ring from a diamond jewellery online site.

  1. Choose your suitable diamond shape
  2. Choose the carat weight you want
  3. Select the quality of cut of the diamond
  4. Select the colour of the diamond
  5. Select clarity of the diamond
  6. Select an attractive and sturdy setting
  7. Choose the metal you wish to set the diamond into. Yellow gold, platinum, and rose gold are some of the popular options.

One of the biggest advantages of buying diamond jewellery online is that it provides you with a plethora of options. But at the same time, it can be confusing to choose one from so many attractive designs. Here is a simple guide that will help you choose based on your partner’s personality.

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  • Classic and traditional – If your partner has a penchant for traditional styles yet likes to keep it classic, then you must not think anything other than a solitaire ring. The simple and elegant design of a solitaire ring, having a single diamond set in a trellis or a basket setting, is a vision in its own.
  • Trendy and outgoing – Is your partner a party-lover? Does he/she love to have all the latest styles in the closet? Well, the fashion-forward souls like these deserve a halo ring with a pave setting that will add weight to their glamour quotient.
  • Adventurous and nature lovers – People who love exploring nature, trekking, sports, and cycling, love to dazzle without compromising comfort. Surprise them with a fine diamond set in a bezel setting that ensures sturdy crafting and incorporates floral or other elements of nature in the band.
  • Romantic and timeless – Is your partner someone who loves the old school romance? You must then consider a diamond ring inspired by Victorian or Rococo collection. Such rings usually come with great details and dainty patterns, giving it an alluring appeal.
  • Stylish and contemporary – For the rebel at hearts and fashion enthusiasts, sticking to one design can be quiet a task. But with little changes in the design, you can make diamonds a part of your glam statement as well. Go for stacked rings with different sized and shaped diamonds. You can also go for coloured diamonds.

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