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How to Choose Dress | Long Sleeve Dresses

Dresses with sleeves are often helpful for girls who do not want to wear a jacket over their outfit. In winter, a dress with sleeves will keep you warm, and in summer it will save you from the sweltering heat. And if there are flaws on the hands, then just such a dress will help to hide any defects.

Sleeves come in different lengths and styles. By choosing the right sleeve, you can hide too large, or, on the contrary, too small shoulders. Sleeves on evening dresses act as an additional decoration for an outfit; they are often made of guipure or lace. These outfits look very elegant and feminine.

At business meetings, a strict dress with sleeves will be most relevant. Such an outfit will not cause complaints from your superiors and colleagues at work will treat you with great respect. Such dresses are usually short sleeves or three-quarter sleeves, if you are willing to buy a beautiful long sleeve dress just visit Bellabarnett!

Summer dresses with sleeves

Dresses with sleeves are most relevant in the cold season, but there are models that do not lose popularity all year round. A woman will feel especially comfortable in a summer dress with long sleeves, similar to ancient Greek robes. This is a loose, simple floor-length dress. It is not hot in it, the dress protects the body from the merciless rays of the sun, and when walking, a woman will feel the coolness that is so necessary at this time of year.

A long sleeve dress for everyday wear is sewn from chiffon. This lightweight material is best suited for hot summer weather. A dress with chiffon sleeves can be plain or have a simple pattern. The sleeve can be of any length – long, three-quarters, free or close, with a cut from forearm to wrist.A short dress with short sleeves will emphasize the beauty of the figure and is suitable for a movie, club or date. If the sleeve is three-quarters, then the dress will look restrained and businesslike at an official meeting.

A shirt dress with long sleeves will be very appropriate for a country picnic, on the beach or in the office. The outfit can be supplemented with a thin strap. The styles of shirt dresses are very diverse – short, long, loose and figure-hugging linen pillowcases .

A long summer dress with long sleeves should have a slit on the skirt, and maybe not even one. An airy, light dress with long sleeves made of silk is suitable for a summer cafe or going to a restaurant. Such a dress should not be tight-fitting. Also, it is not advisable to load the dress with unnecessary details – a belt, rhinestones, stones, sequins and embroidery.

A long dress will become even more interesting and add charm to its owner if it is with a slit on the skirt, with an open back or a deep neckline. If the girl is very tall, then the length of the dress should reach the ankle or be limited to the middle of the calf. But girls of average height can safely wear floor-length dresses with fashionable high-heeled shoes, and seem taller and slimmer.

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