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Choosing A Cocktail Dress For A Bridesmaid – Tips From Stylists

A wedding celebration, a wedding ceremony and the sacrament of a wedding is an important event not only in the life of the newlyweds, but also in the fate of the bridesmaids. On this day, young girls will not only have to provide moral support to their future wife, but also correspond with all their appearance to the concept of the holiday and the idea of ​​the event.

So that the bridesmaids do not catch the eye and spoil the bride’s mood with their unfortunate appearance, it is worth approaching the choice of a cocktail dress for girls at a wedding carefully and responsibly.

What should be a bridesmaid cocktail dress?

Taking into account the trends of current wedding fashion, a bridesmaid dress can partially repeat the outfit of the future wife in colors, accessories or style, as well as completely differ in cut or shades. A clear balance between the outfits of the newlyweds and the dresses of friends allows you to organize a fun holiday, as well as take original holiday photos.

An alternative approach to organizing a celebration is also practiced, when friends independently choose their own outfit in accordance with their own tastes and preferences. In this case, it is recommended that the bridesmaid use some details from the bride’s appearance in her own image. For example, stick to a festive color scheme, choose a suitable belt or jewelry.

For a successful choice of a cocktail dress, it is important to consider the following factors:

Venue of the ceremony: an elongated dress in restrained colors is useful for an official institution or restaurant , and for an outdoor ceremony or a celebration in nature – an airy dress made of light weightless fabric in bright colors.

Style: Bridesmaids must adhere to the concept of the holiday, so the cocktail dress should be made in one of the styles used

Cut, decor and style: the bride’s friend should definitely be in a modest and restrained outfit without a revealing neckline and cut, since the newlyweds should attract all attention. Simple and classic silhouettes, styles with a corset, open back or cropped sleeves will do.

How to choose a cocktail dress for a bridesmaid?

Before buying a dress for bridesmaids of the newlyweds, it is recommended to agree on the specifics of the dress with the bride, to clarify the presence of wishes regarding the style and colors. The bridesmaid’s outfit should not look more luxurious and stylish than the bride’s dress, so you should adhere to severity and restraint in decor, cut and tailoring. It is not recommended to get too carried away with sequins, stones and massive embroidery.

Bridesmaids should remember perfectly well that snow-white is the shade of the bride’s dress, even at a celebration in which the newlyweds chose a different color for their outfits. For a cocktail dress just contact with Bellabarnett, restrained and calm tones are better suited – yellow, green, turquoise, peach, beige, olive. Models with bright shades – blue , mint, coffee, red or golden will also look great .

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