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Bride Guide 101- Get the Perfect Shoes for Your Wedding

It takes months to embody that perfect wedding outfit you have always dreamt of. A lot of thought is put into choosing the dream wedding dress, be it a gown, a lehenga or a Banarasisaree. People often end up neglecting the bridal shoes amidst the chaos. Choosing the shoes for brides which appropriately compliments their wedding attire is the second most important chore one has to fulfil after choosing the wedding dress.

The search for the ideal shoes for brides rivals the search for the perfect attire for their wedding. There is nothing more regretful than putting on an uncomfortable odd pair that does not match the outfit of your wedding day. Shoes for brides play a prominent role in completing the wedding day ensemble.

This article will guide one into buying the perfect shoes for brides.

What are the basic requirements of an appropriate pair of bridal shoes?

Opting for the quintessential shoes for brides helps them to stride with confidence on their big day. Jotted down below are the key points a bride-to-be must keep in mind while purchasing their wedding shoes.

  • The shoes must compliment the dress. The kind of shoes you choose must go in sync with your bridal gown. Matching their specialities is appreciable. For example, if one is planning to wear a lacy dress, one may think about wearing a shoe that uses lace as an embellishment; a bride planning to wear sequined clothing may go for a sequined pair of shoes.
  • One must thoroughly research the options before purchasing. It would help if you did not go with the first shoe you see. One must conduct proper research and weigh all the options before buying shoes for brides.
  • Do not compromise with the quality of the shoe’s fabric only to stick to something more modish. Try adhering to the style of shoes you are accustomed to wearing.
  • Take the venue into consideration while choosing shoes for brides. No bride shall want to attend to the guests by walking around in pencil heels on a platform with undulated land. Thus, they should choose that pair to allow them to walk around comfortably in their wedding venue.
  • Choose shoes in which you are comfortable. Shoes for brides must be bought, considering that the bride has to spend long hours in it to be pleased.
  • Be sure to wear it before the wedding day and practice walking in it to adjust your feet to the shoes.
  • Opt for the right size of the shoe.
  • It is preferable to choose shoes for brides with the height of heels the bride is habituated with.
  • To prevent the shoes for brides from slipping off their heels or feet, it is preferable to select shoes with straps.


Shoes for brides help them glamorize their wedding day outfits. Besides being essential, wedding days are hectic as well. Thus, it is recommended that the bride wears a shoe that pertains to both their comfort and style.




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