5 Ways to Increase Your Profit as Kids’ Cloth Supplier and Manufacturer
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5 Ways to Increase Your Profit as Kids’ Cloth Supplier and Manufacturer

Supplying the kid’s clothes at a whole sale rate to the retailers is your business and you love to excel in your sphere. There are few things that you should follow so that your network of dealers and retailers will be benefitted and their sales will move up. This way your stock will be called for and your business will prosper too.

Collect your orders before season and prepare your stocks as per the order schedule

You can collect the preseason orders beforehand so that you can prepare your own stock to deliver to your clients. The production timeline will take time to prepare the stock for your dealers and so it is good to start in advance. Your dealers and shop owners will love the advanced order placement and faster shipment before the festive season starts. You can also provide incentive for your sales reps and buyers for pushing off the clothes before the season of buying starts in full range.

Keep yourself updated and work in advance

Your production calendar will have to be prepared so that you can send all the stocks to your store owner clients and the dealers for clothes. You should also start the production of clothes in advance. This needs a good knowledge of the current fashion statement and the different cuts and designs of the clothes of the season. The colors, stitches and types are all different and you should keep yourself up dated to be prepared in advance. This way you will complete your deliveries to different dealers at right time and your stock will have the most lucrative designs.

Website for your business

Being the kids clothes supplier Suncity, you should also have a website to show off your designs to your customers. Make sure the website is regularly uploaded with current contents and pictures of your hit designs and colors of clothes. You can also use the social pages to give your friends and other prospective customers a taste of the designs that you are to introduce in the coming season. This will give you an edge above the other suppliers.

Advertise more and sell more

You can get some designs for your own company and then advertise on them all the way. You can use the print media and the websites to show off the hint of the designs and then see how the sales soar. You can use some good models so that your designs get acknowledged and magazines and newspapers can be used to spread this small and exciting news.

Get noticed and form a team to work with

You can form a team with your dealers and store owners to get much more out of this business. You can work out the pricing and the stocks between yourselves. When some popular designs are not available other than in a few stores, the business gets stronger and the demand for such clothes are more. If you can supply such clothes and designs to your network, you will find they are doing better business. In turn your stock will also get exhausted and you can look for more production again. This way you can increase the profit margin of your own business and also for the store owners who are within your team.

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