4 Articles of Clothing for Women
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4 Articles of Clothing for Women

There are several articles of clothing women choose to wear. High fashion helps raise self-esteem and establishes a sense of beauty other people will notice. Women wear different clothing based on a variety of factors, such as color, mood, environment and season. There are several stylistic variations women can choose since womens clothing canada is more custom-designed then mens clothing. Along with shoes and other accessories, they typically purchase four articles of clothing.


A blouse is a loose upper garment with a formal style. Although typically loose-fitting, the collar is typically pronounced. Long-sleeve blouses may have round, buttoned cuffs and a concealed neckline. Women can wear a blazer over the blouse, creating a business apparel style. Shorter sleeve or sleeveless blouses look more subtle, so they’re more appropriate for casual occasions or hot summers. They’re typically made of stretchy cotton that is comfortable to wear.


There are several types of dresses women wear. Formal dresses used for dinners and parties usually have a dark color. Dresses used for business events are more subtle and often stop at the knee. There are sleeveless variations as well, which are typically worn as casual apparel and are appropriate for summer weather. Most women wear white dresses at a wedding, to contrast from the black suit the grooms wear.


Until recently, women usually never wore pants. Pants are now unisex and are a symbol of modern female liberation. Pants are usually made of cotton unless they are jeans, which are typically blue and made of denim. Khaki jeans are popular for female business apparel. Most pants have a dark color, are appropriate for most social gatherings and can be worn almost any day of the year. Most pants are comfortable to wear and are either tight or loose. Their affordability also strengthens their universal appeal.


Women wear skirts that can be long or short. Long skirts are used for conservative occasions and typically have a monochrome color. Short skirts are often only worn in hot weather and aren’t used often. Skirts are less popular than pants since they are less comfortable and often don’t include pockets that can safely secure valuables. Although they aren’t ideal for practical activities, women mainly wear skirts for style.

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Blouses, dresses, pants and skirts are common articles of female clothing. People wear specific clothes for different social activities and carefully choose the color of their clothing, according to what they think is appropriate. Clothing definitely receives attention and comes across as elegant if they are treated with proper care.

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