Why should Bridal Shoes be on the top of your Wedding Checklist
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Why should Bridal Shoes be on the top of your Wedding Checklist?

Once you have selected your wedding outfit, it is time to choose a beautiful pair of bridal shoes for your most special day. Bridal footwear can make or break your look. Buy the shoes early so that you can get used to them before stepping out on your wedding day.

It can be a little overwhelming to decide your bridal footwear. On the one hand, you want to choose something ornate and fashionable. On the other hand, you have to take care of your comfort. Here are some helpful tips that will let you choose the perfect pair of bridal shoes:

Buy your wedding dress

Before you shop for bridal shoes, you should select your wedding dress. Your footwear must match the style of your attire. If your dress has sequin detailing, you can choose footwear with similar embellishments.

Choose comfort

Although style, design, and height matter when you are shopping for bridal footwear, you cannot compromise on your comfort. As you have to wear them the entire day, you should choose something that feels comfortable. It is tempting to opt for a higher heel. If you are not comfortable with high heels, do not choose them for your wedding day as they can result in pain.

Consider the venue

Keep the wedding venue in your mind when you are shopping for bridal shoes to prevent shoe-related accidents or mishaps. A pair of stilettos will be a mismatch for an outdoor wedding. You can choose a pair of bridal slip-ons with low heels for an outdoor wedding so that you can enjoy your special day.

If you are having an indoor wedding ceremony, you can opt for stilettos or wedges. Consider other factors such as whether you have to climb a lot of stairs or dance on a floor that has little traction.

Consider the weather

You need to consider the weather, primarily if you are having an outdoor wedding. Rain can make the grass muddy and slippery, which can make it difficult to wear high heeled shoes. If the weather conditions do not look promising, you can keep a backup pair of shoes that will suit your wedding dress.

Check out the various options in your budget

When you are shopping for bridal shoes, you should check out various options in your budget. Determine your budget so that you do not get carried away. You can choose between bridal slip-ons, wedding sandals, and antique gold style wedding shoes.

If you are wearing a saree for your wedding ceremony, you can team it with embroidered bridal sandals. A pair of strappy heels will look great with an Anarkali suit. Antique gold wedding shoes will look perfect with a lehenga choli.

Must match your personality

It would be best if you chose a pair of bridal shoes that match your personality and make you feel special on your wedding day.

As bridal shoes are extremely important for a great wedding, shopping for the perfect pair should be on the top of your wedding checklist.

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