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Why Are Diamonds So Expensive?

Diamonds are one of the most popular gemstones in the world. Since most diamonds are made of pure carbon, they can make things like fires, jewelry, and even high-quality drill bits. But the real reason that diamonds are so expensive is that they’re highly sought after in terms of their rarity. That means that they’re not found everywhere around the world, and they’re not found in large amounts.

But why are diamonds so expensive?

Many people think that diamonds are pricey because they’re rare, but that’s not why. There are enough diamonds in the world to meet the demand for millions of years to come. So what makes a diamond valuable and worth more per carat than, say, a pearl or an emerald?

The answer is simple: People are willing to pay more for diamonds because they believe diamonds are exceptional. And why do people think that diamonds are unique? Well, it’sprimarily because of the way the diamond industry has marketed these beautiful rocks to us for decades!

Diamonds Do Not Last Long

But you have to admit; diamonds don’t last long. In fact, within a few minutes of intense heat, a diamond can be turned into graphite! But diamonds are still exceptional rocks. And that’s why people will buy them – whether they’re worth it or not should be up to the individual consumer to decide.

The types of diamond in the market

There are different types of diamonds based on the causes of diamond formation.

  1. Amorphous Diamond is a type of diamond that forms without crystal form and therefore has no crystal structure.
  2. Fancy Colored Diamonds are diamonds that have been colored artificially or utilizing irradiation treatment. This process can cause fractures in diamonds due to stress caused by the irradiation process.
  3. Synthetic Diamond is created by mimicking the conditions in which diamonds are formed naturally. These diamonds are made of carbon that has been subjected to very high heat and pressure for a long time, causing them to develop into crystals, or “diamonds”.

What to look for when buying diamonds

The 4 Cs are probably the essential factors for shopping for diamonds. When examining a diamond, there are four main things to consider – color, clarity, cut, and carat.


The degree of “colorlessness” is represented by the letters D-Z. The letter D represents the best grade, and Z represents the lowest grade.


Diamonds are graded according to their clarity, which is determined by how many flaws are present on the surface of the diamond. Diamonds that are free from any inclusions or blemishes are considered flawless diamonds.

3. CUT

When a diamond is cut, it creates a beautiful fire within the stone.


Carat is a measurement of weight, not size. Each carat consists of 0.2 grams and 5 milligrams in the metric system. It’s important to remember that when looking at diamonds, they go by weight – not size!

Final notes

Diamonds are beautiful. But before making a purchase, remember to take your time – shop around, ask questions, check the price tag, and know what you’re getting into. When buying diamonds, it’sessential to understand what you’re buying and why. Because if you get ripped off, not only will it be embarrassing – but the diamond you buy might not even be real!

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