Traditional Wedding Vs Modern Wedding
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Traditional Wedding Vs Modern Wedding: What’s the Difference?

Weddings are one of the most important days in people’s lives. Every person has an idea of how they want their wedding to look like. However, couples can take advantage of the services by wedding planners. They have the expertise to find a suitable wedding theme for their ceremony. Read on to find out reasons to consider a traditional wedding or a modern ceremony when exchanging vows with your partner.

The Difference between Traditional and Modern Wedding

In modern times, couples are being creative in the type of wedding they like. Although the traditional ways are still viable, the current generation will prefer a ceremony that fits the couple’s style and preference. It’s like digital marketing vs traditional media advertising because you need to have a plan and prepare adequately for your special day if you want it to be successful. Let us look at both types of weddings to determine how they are similar to each other.

Traditional Weddings

These types of weddings differ according to culture, and they will focus on the couple’s heritage.  The ceremony is likely to be religious, and the guests can have a party to celebrate the marriage. When planning for a traditional wedding, it is critical to fuse the cultures of both partners.Here are some things to consider;

Religious beliefs; the ancient form of weddings will not necessarily base its theme on religion. However, there are likely to be affiliations to certain practices. The ceremony will incorporate religious readings before the couple can exchange vows and legitimize the union.

Attire; in western culture, the bride will have a veil over her head while the groom will most probably wear a 3-piece suit.

Modern Weddings

It is a conventional marriage that does not follow traditional procedures. Couples will opt to have a wedding planner give them themes for their ideal wedding. However, it is vital to have an idea that you can share with the experts. They can customize the ceremony according to a couple’s preference and liking. Here are some popular features;

Venue; there are limitless options to consider for the perfect location to host a modern wedding. Most couples opt to fulfill their desires by choosing the venue according to what they like. You can host such a ceremony at any location as long as you can afford it.

Dress code; couples can improvise on the attire they want to wear for their wedding. Brides are opting to go for colorful wedding dresses than the traditional white gowns.


Wedding ceremonies will cost differently, and it is vital to budget well for the day. Modern weddings are much cheaper than traditional ones since you can make it work using a small financial allocation. Ensure there is entertainment for the kids too.

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