Tips in Buying the Perfect One Piece
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Top Tips in Buying the Perfect One Piece

When it’s almost summer, one of the usual queries from women is what swimsuit to buy for the season. Of course, trends and new styles sprout every now and then. However, one of the classic options is the one-piece swimwear. This style has several advantages compared to their skimpier counterparts. First of all this style gives you more security. If you are into active water sports or any other water activities, you won’t have to be afraid of losing your swimsuit bottom or top to the strong water currents or waves. It is also the best style for those who like to dress modestly. A one piece swimwear is also versatile since it can serve as a bodysuit too. All you need is to wear a skirt or shorts and you can use it around the town. This style is also body flattering.

If you have made up your mind about buying your new one-piece, here are some tips to consider from the experts:

Choose the swimwear that your body needs.

It;s less likely for you to find it cringey when you buy swimwear by using your lingerie as a guide. If you have been using an underwire bra then you may as well choose a one piece swimwear with underwire. Try to check your most comfortable undies and choose a swimwear that has a bottom cut that is similar to those special undies.

Always make your assets a priority.

Perhaps you have a great bustline, but your tummy is not that great. It’s best to make a list of your assets before you go to the stores or check online. Look for that swimwear that possesses features that flatter the top three items on that list. This will reduce the chances of you getting bad choices, and it also reduces your shopping time.

Always go one size up.

Once you find a good choice, before you hit the fitting room, get one that is of your size and another one which is one size up. Try the larger one first. It feels better to go one size down if it’s too large than to go one size up. Swimsuits vary in size according to style and line or brand. There’s no point in buying a swimsuit that requires you to squish and squirm to wear it.

Regardless of the weather, wear sandals when you’re planning to shop for a swimsuit. You can’t get a sense of that perfect look when you have winter shoes on.

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