Survive in the middle of summer when you do not go on vacation
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Survive in the middle of summer when you do not go on vacation

There is nothing worse than this kind of day. Stuck in the office, we can not open Instagram without being assailed by heavenly photos, against the background of masterful sunset and coconut trees. It is unfair. Terribly unfair. We do not have the heart to anything. The days go by and look alike, in this slow monotony that runs until the return of our friends and colleagues, tanned like nuts, who tell all the way how Cap Ferret is great and who compare their colors.

At Vloggist, we know that not everyone has the chance to take a vacation during the months of August and July. We go there ourselves. And we know how hard it is to have to work while everyone is sinking in the sun. That’s why we thought of you. We thought it would be nice to bring you all our little tips to make you feel a little while on vacation and get the best of the season, even if you do not go. To hold on, what? Margot and Caroline explain everything to you.

 Plan a vacation at home as you would a totally unknown place

  • Take advantage of the time you have to see people you can never see normally. Your Nanny of when you were little, your childhood friends who are all gone in different directions, your former colleagues who were after all very nice …
  • Look for cool stuff to visit in the area: even when you live in a city for a long time, there are inevitably places we do not know because we do not take the time to explore. And for that, there are great things called social networks! Follow local bloggers, check out Time Out, The Candy and especially Instagram. You will discover treasures!

Break your routine

  • Organize half days to take care of yourself.
  • Give your home or apartment a holiday look: Set up a small table in front of your window or on the balcony if you are lucky enough to have one, invest in colorful plants and flowers, in wicker / rottin furniture which are very trendy and inexpensive …
  • Give your meals a holiday atmosphere: focus on everything you eat in summer (melon, mozzarella tomatoes, strawberries …) You can even invest in a small electric barbecue if you have no outside )
  • Drink summer cocktails on the terrace (spritz, mijoto, pina colada + alcohol-free versions such as homemade lemonade, fresh squeezed juices …)
  • Take your beauty habits on vacation: wear a vanilla, flowery fragrance. Hairstyles out of the beach (we offer you tips here ), varnishes with pop colors. You can also spread the prodigious oil and opt for the iridescent version!

    Stop comparing yourself

  • Obviously, rule # 1 is not to look too much Instagram not to compare to others. What matters is you and the moments you live.
  • Anyway the sun is not good for the skin (and then anyway, you will go on vacation later, when they will all become white!)
  • And if this year is without holidays, self tanning (or UV) and lies, it exists! Moreover, we tested for you 5 bronzing waters, and it’s here !

And then, we say it like that, by the way, but do not hesitate to do a little tour on if you are bored. We say that, we say nothing!

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