Skin Care - Ways On How You Can Be Protected From The Sun
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Skin Care – Ways On How You Can Be Protected From The Sun

You surely have activities where you cannot avoid sun exposure that’s why you have to be cautious and start using cosmetic products or gears for your protection. Keep in mind that there are people whose skin is vulnerable to darkening as well as getting burnt so extra care is necessary. This is also why some individuals like covering their body, using an umbrella, and wearing blazers or jackets even when the weather is hot but we can’t blame them for being protective.

There are also countries or places where it is always sunny so you also need to find ways on how you can hide from this since the heat hurts and will cause you sunburn. Members of the localcommunity may be used to such situations but they should not be too lax about it and must be more careful since they are aware of this kind of weather in their country. You will never know how ultraviolet rays may affect your health after extreme exposure so be mindful as always.

With outdoor activities, you are also required to face the sunlight just like Susi Mai because she is into sports and loves sky diving but she can still manage to care for her skin. We all know that there are other sports, which are played under the sun, such as beach volleyball, golf, horse racing, running, and kayaking to name a few. As individuals who also join such events, learn from Susi Mai about practicing protective ways that can help you maintain the freshness, smoothness, and natural color of your skin.


Since we cannot use an umbrella and there is no shade at all, we should at least wear a hat because this will aid in keeping your face, neck, scalp, and ears safe. Exposure in those areas will make us at risk of cancer. So, always remember to put your safety first.

Wear shaded caps or hats that are designed with fabric at the back because this will purposedly cover more of your neck and ears. If possible, the fabric must be dark and tightly woven because when things are still visible through the weave, then ultraviolet rays will pass through.


Learn to use a sunscreen cream on your body, especially on the parts that are usually exposed, such as your face, neck, arms, and hands. Sunscreens are not only made for beach use but could be applied daily, too,  because this will help you block UV rays. So, choose sunscreen containers that are labeled with SPF 15, 30, or higher because this will help a lot – browse for additional info on SPF levels.

Some cosmetics like press powder or foundation, body lotion, and hand cream also come with SPF so it would be great to use such. By the way, do not forget to apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before exposing to the sun. And then, you may apply again after a few hours, especially when you sweat a lot or after a swimming activity.

Sport Sunglasses

When you are into sports and exposed to sunlight, you have to wear sunglasses that are specifically for sports and it must have a UV protection feature. This is necessary because you also need to keep your eye part protected from getting sunburn.

Let’s say that you will acquire double protection because sunglasses are also keeping your eyes and your vision safe. When you are in the field and it’s sunny and windy, debris may enter your eyes and this may lead to a moderate or severe problem. With sunglasses on, any debris that the wind brings will be blocked.

It is ideal to choose dark colors or shades for a nontoxic vision. And then, it would be great to wear the ones with larger frames for a wider scope. Lastly, make sure that it has a UVA as well as UVB labels – look at this to learn what makes UVA and UVB different.


We also need to cover our body by wearing a rash guard when you are in the water. This suit is usually stretchy, designed with built-in UPF and polyester material. It is an ideal cover-up than a usual t-shirt when you are swimming, diving, or snorkeling.

On the other hand, long-sleeved as well as loose-fitting tops would be great with a pair of long pants. For added protection, choose materials that are tightly woven and labeled with at least UPF 30.

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