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Proper Ways to Store Your Fashion Jewellery

Several women have a collection of jewellery and accessories that they keep to ensure that they will always have something to complete or complement their outfit. However, there are instances wherein the accessories that have been stored too long acquire certain irreparable damage. For this reason, you need to ensure that you are storing your jewellery and accessories correctly. This article lists down some of the ways for you to properly keep your fashion jewellery.

Counter top Space

One of the primary ways to store your fashion accessories and jewellery appropriately is by using your available countertop space. The experts in fashion jewellery Australia based designers rely on do suggest that you display your everyday jewellery or place it in a grab-and-go position to make it easy for you to retrieve them whenever you need to wear them. In this case, you can make use of a pretty ring dish or a jewellery stand. There is also the option for you to use miniature cloth busts as a fun alternative on how to store your accessories in a counter top space.

Drawer Space

There is also the option for you to use an available drawer space to store your fashion jewellery and accessories. In this case, make use of jewellery containers to keep your accessories organised and in place. For instance, you can go for decorative boxes as well as drawer dividers, or even jewellery dishes to keep your accessories organised.

How to Organise your Jewellery

When it comes to organising your jewellery collection, you also have various options. For instance, you can group your accessories by style, separating your chunky bracelets from beaded ones or hoop earrings from stud earrings. There is also the option for you to segregate your accessories by colour to make it easy for you to mix and match them accordingly depending on what your outfit is. You can also try to group your fashion accessories by set, especially the ones that you love to wear together. According to the best jewellers in Australia, just keep in mind that when it comes to your fine jewellery, it should always be stored at room temperature.

Final Word

When it comes to properly storing your jewellery, you have the option of leveraging any available counter-top space that you have or even making use of drawer space. From there, make sure that you organise your jewellery appropriately, storing the fine and exquisite ones more meticulously. All these are geared towards ensuring that your fashion accessories and jewellery will always be in their best condition when you already need to use them.

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