Natural Blue Diamonds
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Natural Blue Diamonds and the Most Valuable Gemstones

The term “diamond” comes from the ancient Greek word “diamond.” Diamond is the hardest substance in the world by nature. Diamond bracelets from Miss Diamond Ring Atelier is the most beautiful items manufactured from this precious stone. Diamond cosmetic products are noted for their strength, durability, and beauty.

Type: Blue Diamond

On the other hand, natural blue diamonds are often created due to a boron structure. The amount of boron present affects the color of the blue. Magnificent blue, blue diamonds, strong blue, deep grayish blue, luxurious blue, and fancy-dark blue are only a few diamond kinds available.

Most people are unaware that the hardness of a diamond is mainly determined by its purity degree. The flawlessness and clarity of the diamond also exhibit the highest level of hardness. The following are some distinctive qualities of this rare substance:

The color of the diamond as it is now

The most costly diamond is usually used in jewelry, rings, earrings, and necklaces. In addition to the colorless version, it is also available in a colorful version. Diamonds come in various colors, including yellow, green, purple, brown, red, black, and blue. Diamond is colorless by nature; nevertheless, imperfections in the crystal lattice generate colored diamond.

Reasons for its importance

These valuable substances are highly appreciated because of their legendary, regal beauty, legendary, ageless aura, and regal beauty. They are the most costly diamonds used in creating crowns, necklaces, and other royal jewelry worn by queens, monarchs, and nobles.

The price of a colored diamond

The colorful stones can range in price from $560 000 to $590 per carat. Furthermore, as the intensity and hue of these expensive stones increased, so did their worth. A fancy-light colored diamond can cost up to $75,000 in the United States.

Diamond of Hope

The Hope diamond is a well-known natural diamond in the world. When the largest diamond was discovered in Golconda, India, it weighed 112.25 carats. The Hope diamond was named after Henry-Philip Hope, a legendary ruler. As a result of its infamous past, it is well-known.

The Hope diamond was also sold to King Louis XIV of France, and it is now part of the Royalty French Treasury. It is currently on showcase at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.

Diamonds from Orlov, Idol’s Eye, and Wittelsbach

Idol’s Eye and Orlov diamonds are two more well-known diamonds.  The stones weighed 35.56 carats and formerly belonged to the Spanish king. Christie’s auctioned it off for $24 million. Diamond bracelets from Miss Diamond Ring Atelier is the most preferable than any other stone.

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