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How To Rent Evening Drees?

Accessing designer evening dresses and affordable prices is now possible thanks to the dress rental websites. Instead of investing in an expensive dress, consider renting your evening dress! How it works ? What are the best sites for renting evening dresses? We tell you everything.

This evening, you’ve been waiting for it for a very long time.

Whether it’s for a wedding , birthday, special celebration or Christmas Eve, you’ll soon need a pretty dress.

Except that you are already seeing panic. You may have searched your cupboards or the shelves of your favorite stores, but you still have not found the perfect evening dress .

The problem is that a pretty trendy dress  is often very expensive and you do not want to wear the same dress as everyone else.

For an important event, you want to feel good, in an outfit that sublimates and enhances you.

You think it’s a real headache? Well no ! There is a simple solution to save fashionistas like you.

Why rent her evening dress?

We have all (or almost) already dreamed of wearing a designer dress . Except that this kind of dress is not within the reach of all budgets.

But since the arrival of the rental sites of evening dresses , the dream becomes reality!

More and more sites offer you to rent an evening outfit , just for one night!

Admit it is the ideal solution! You can choose a designer dress , which suits you perfectly, wear it for an important event without emptying your bank account.

In addition to being sublime for your evening, you are sure to never wear the same dress twice. Because the game of renting is good to change every time, right?

In addition to finding stylish dresses at low prices you can even fall on THE rare pearl. Yes, you can rent a haute couture evening dress or a large evening dress .

Brand question is the same: Maje, Balmain, Isabel Marant, Acne Studios , Sandro, Ba & Sh, Chloe, etc. We tell you, the hardest thing is to choose!

Rent her evening dress: how does it work?

The principle is (almost) always the same.

For less than 150 € maximum (cost of pressing included please), you can become the time of a weekend the happy owner (or rather tenant!) Of a piece of great couturiers .

To do this, you must first log on to one of the evening dress rental sites or pick you up at one of the specialty shops.

On some sites, you can even make an appointment to come and try the dress of your dreams , to make sure you like it.

In addition to the rental price, you must set a day of delivery but also leave a deposit, often a little high. This is unfortunately the price to pay for a unique evening dress !

Where to rent his evening dress?

For a few seasons, trendy dress rental sites have flourished on the internet.

And it’s even better, it allows you to be spoiled for choice and select the dress, site or concept that suits you best.

  • The Habibliothèque

The concept is simple: we rent a dress as we rent a book. This site works by monthly subscription to 89 € the first month.

You can receive your three favorite fashion pieces at home and keep them as long as you want and exchange them for others at any time.

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