Going Gray and Looking Great
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Going Gray and Looking Great

The first gray hairs can make you feel older than you really are, but there are several ways to solve this problem. If you only have a few shades of gray, you can tear them off as they appear or paint as they continue to grow. The third option is to let your hair turn gray naturally while maintaining your new look.

Stylish and original

Some people choose to keep gray hair because they look stylish and original. Others may hide their gray color for a while, but ultimately decide to save time and money by not coloring their hair at home or in the salon. If you choose to let your hair grow in shades of gray, the process will be gradual, because the gray usually appears first on the sides of the head, then around the crown, and finally on the back. For those who prefer to leave their hair as it is while it grays, there are some helpful tips to keep your curls shiny, healthy, and vibrant.


Many people, both men and women, prefer to easily manage their hairstyles when they have gray hair. A short hairstyle not only looks neater, it is also suitable for those with gray hair that is generally dry and coarse. Also, the shorter the hairstyle, the longer people will notice gray hair as it begins to grow.

Some people don’t want to go completely gray hair, but they like the salt and pepper look. If you like this idea, you can try adding highlights to your hair. This will add subtle streaks of color that will accentuate some of your gray hair and cover other locks.

Prevent yellow tint

Over time, you may notice that your gray hair takes on a yellow tint due to air pollutants. To avoid this, you should use a cleansing shampoo at least once a month to remove product build-up. Shampoos are also available in a blue or silver shade for gray hair; they are designed to gently remove any yellow cast while bringing out the natural gray color of your hair. Make sure to completely saturate your hair when using these colored shampoos, because if you don’t completely cover your hair with this product, you will leave uneven gray areas.

There are other gray hair styles and you can find these haircuts in all4hairsalon. Hear what professional hairdressers have to say about styling gray hair. Women turn gray when they reach a certain age. This is a natural phenomenon and this fact cannot be denied.

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