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Fall Wardrobe Choices: What Does Your Closet Look Like

The passing of the annual September equinox marks the start of fall in the northern hemisphere. At the time of this writing, that equinox was just a few days away. It has since passed. And with it in the rear-view mirror, it is time to take a good look at our wardrobes. It’s time to pack away the summer clothes and start getting ready for winter.

What does your fall wardrobe look like? Have you bought new items this year, or are you pulling out what was packed away this past spring? One way or the other, you are going to need heavier clothes to keep you warm as fall temperatures start dropping in the march toward winter.

Umai, a boutique clothing and accessory brand with an emphasis on anime, suggests the following items for your fall wardrobe:


Sweatshirts are the ultimate casual wear when it is too cold for just a T-shirt but too warm for a heavy winter jacket. UmaiClothing sells anime sweatshirts and hoodies featuring original artwork from one of the company’s owners. Of course, feel free to choose something else if you are not into anime. If you already have a collection of sweatshirts left over from last year, you’re already golden.


T-shirts are part of the American wardrobe year-round. In summer, we wear them as the only item of clothing on the upper body. But come fall, we wear our T-shirts underneath dress shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts, golf shirts, etc. It goes without saying that you need enough T-shirts to get through fall and winter seasons.

The good news is that you can buy T-shirts any time of year. Even if your local department store or clothing outlet doesn’t keep a good selection of tees on hand during the winter, you can always buy what you need online. T-shirt sellers are more than happy to keep their stocks high during that time of year.


It has been said that a sweater is something you wear when your mother is cold. That may or may not be true, but you are probably going to need at least one or two sweaters over the course of the next six months. A sweater can take the place of the sweatshirt for more formal occasions. Sweaters can also be worn under suit jackets if necessary. And of course, don’t forget the annual ugly sweater contest.


Jeans are to the lower body what T-shirts and sweatshirts are to the upper body. They are the most appropriate piece of lower body clothing during the fall and winter months, for all but the most formal of occasions. But if you know how to pair jeans with a sport coat or blazer, you might even get away with wearing them at formal events.

Warm Socks

Spending the next six months with cold feet will not be fun. Why take that chance? Instead, make sure your wardrobe contains at least several pairs of warm socks you can wear by themselves or with your shoes and boots. Thicker socks are generally warmer. If you have an especially difficult time with cold feet in the winter, consider wool socks.

Fall is a special season in its own right. But it is also the transition from summer to winter. Now that it’s here, take the opportunity to start getting your winter wardrobe together. Falling temperatures and changing weather patterns dictate a whole new set of clothes until next spring arrives. Once you get your wardrobe settled, sit down and relax with a pumpkin spice latte. Take pride in a job well done

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