Essentials to put in your suitcase to feel at home wherever you are
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Essentials to put in your suitcase to feel at home wherever you are

There is often no more antipersonnel than a hotel room, a rental house or a homestay. But even abroad and returning from the beach, we like to feel at home where we sleep. For that, nothing more simple, it is enough to slip in his suitcase some objects and accessories to make of a cold place his home. So what are we taking away?

A candle to find his smells /

Finding one’s smells is often the best way to feel at home in no time. For that, we slide in his suitcase his favorite candle, or a news that we buy for the occasion, it turns on at night by letting it spread its fragrance. It is chosen mini size and glass to be able to transport and bring home. In addition, there is no better than candlelight to make a cozy place.

A pillow mist to rock us /

Trend for some years for bridal makeup artist , and made for people who like to find their smells in their sheets, pillow mists allow to delve gently in our dreams. Durance, L’Occitane, many brands that offer today and decline soft and fluffy fragrances (lavender flower, rice powder …). Relaxing and designed for the linen, they comfort us and rock us without irritating. And for the alchemists, we can also create his own from essential oils by mixing 45 ml of alcohol with 50 drops of essential oils of his choice.

A small pillow to sleep at home /

Because we all have a special taste for the pillow (some like soft, others hard and thick), and we often travel by plane and for a long time, we carry with us a small pillow adorned with a pretty pillow, embroidered with our initials for example. Not only does it regain its smells and personal touch, but it is also guaranteed to sleep well and make an impersonal bed warmer by depositing it.

A beach towel or a sarong for his bed /

While packing, we reserve a pareo or thin sheet, not for the beach, but to cover its future bed and thus decorate in two seconds the place of our colors. In addition, having a bedspread allows you to lie down to take a nap or on your way back from the beach without being afraid to put sand in the sheets or dirty them.

Bags for his clothes /

In the drawers and cabinets of hotels, one sometimes hesitates to put down one’s clothes, and especially one’s lingerie.Nothing better than the pockets which, in addition to protecting them while storing them, make it possible to find a little of oneself elsewhere. For jewelry, makeup, shoes or lingerie, we choose different pockets, the one of Fragonard being the best known and the most delicate, and then distributed in his room.

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