A Young Woman Publishes Beauty Tutor In Sign Languge
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A Young Woman Publishes Beauty Tutor In Sign Languge

Those who love make up often watch tutorials. But contrary to what one can think, the videos are not intended for all. Deaf and hard of hearing people have too few videos available to them, a young American decided to fix them.

If you’re like us, addicted to make-up , you probably follow many beauty youtubers (or youtubers) and you’re on the lookout for the best beauty tutorials .

Beauty tutorials in sign language

Catherine Martinez loves the make up, and it makes the web users enjoy it. The young American is a make up artist and she is a fan of glamorous and sexy beauty tutos. During her studies in Behavioral Sciences and Communication at New York University, she realized that deaf and hard of hearing people did not have access to the kind of videos she loves so much and realizes herself. .

She decided to learn sign language and create accessible videos for people with hearing problems. His videos are subtitled and dubbed in sign language so that everyone can understand them. It offers videos to make evening makeup , day, contouring or even evening routines.

Thanks for the hard of hearing

A Young Woman Publishes Beauty Tutor In Sign Languge

The videos of Catherine Martinez have been very well received by Internet users and deaf and hard of hearing people . Just read the comments that accompany his beauty tutorials to realize it. Even if the young woman is not irreproachable in sign language, as she recognizes it herself, his initiative is very appreciated.

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