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Engagement Ring Guide: How To Choose A Diamond in Dallas

Engagement rings are special therefore they should be given enough time and effort when choosing them. Engagement rings are often given by surprise which makes it challenging for the ones proposing to pick one that will totally impress their partners. Buy a diamond engagement ring in Dallas from a reputable store to get the best one. Choose a diamond store that can assist you from choosing the center stone to the setting and then the metal. Here are some things to look into when choosing an engagement ring:

Select a Shape

The center stone is the main lament for an engagement ring and you might be wondering what can be the perfect shape for your diamond. To make it easier for you to know the preference of your partner, you can use this as your basis on what shape to pick. You can also be more observant of the jewelry she wears and you can surely get an idea of what shape she likes on her jewelry. Her favorite shape can also be a good option, this can make the engagement ring more personalized since the shape connects to her personality. Also, be aware of the pricing of each diamond shape so you can prepare the right budget. 

Choose a Size

The size of the diamond can be determined by carats. Take note that diamonds are priced per carat so determine your carat so you can prepare your budget for it and also be familiar with the pricing since pricing had big differences for every carat. Diamonds with carat lower than a whole number can be hundreds or a thousand cheaper. For instance, a 0.95-carat diamond can be cheaper by $800 than a 1.0-carat diamond. So be wise when choosing the carats of your diamond. 

Learn About Quality

Get the highest grades you can get for your diamond so your diamond can last longer. Know the 4cs and which grades can be best :

  • Colorless diamonds are the best choices however they are pricey and expensive, therefore opt for nearly colorless since they are almost the same as the top grade color for diamonds. Lowe grades have obvious yellow tints and they can make the sparkle of the diamond lesser. 
  • For the diamond’s clarity, lesser flaws are better. Diamonds have inclusion as they are formed and like colorless diamonds, flawless diamonds are rare and pricey too. So opt for diamonds that don’t have inclusions that can be seen by the naked eye. Inclusions seen under 10x magnification are fine as long as they are few only. The recommended clarity for diamonds that ranges from VS2 or higher grades can be the best choice. 
  • For the cut, aim for the best cuts since this can affect the overall quality of the diamond. So better buy from a store that has a skilled diamond cutter to make sure your diamond will have an excellent cut. 
  • For the carat, as mentioned above bigger carats are not guaranteed best, be wise when choosing the right carat and consider the pricing. 

Check certification 

Diamonds should always come with certification. So before buying ask your diamond seller if their diamonds are certified and ask them who evaluated their diamonds. The most reliable diamond evaluator is the Gemological Institute of America and the American Gem Society. These two can guarantee that the diamonds are indeed legit and have the features stated in their certificates. 

Compare Several Choices 

Window shopping can be fine when choosing an engagement ring since you want the best compare diamonds from different stores with similar grades so you can pick the best choice and know who offers the best among the diamond store in Dallas. 

This Engagement Ring Guide: How To Choose A Diamond in Dallas can lead you to the best choice of diamond you can get from your partner. Make your proposal special by preparing ahead and giving ample time to choose your diamond by choosing the right diamond seller. Compare and take time to make your final decision so you won’t have regrets. Be a wise buyer for your partner and give the best impression by giving her the ring she deserves. Choose the best diamond by orienting yourself about its features before you make your final purchase. 

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