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3 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Vintage Engagement Ring

There are so many different choices out there when it comes to engagement rings, but our personal favourite has to be vintage engagement rings. We could write about this subject for hours and hours, but we are here to introduce three of the standout reasons why you should choose a vintage engagement ring! From amazing craftsmanship to being more environmentally friendly and being a better choice in terms of value for money, the benefits are endless. So, lets find out the amazing reasons why you should choose a vintage engagement ring and whether it’s the right choice for you.

Amazing Craftsmanship

The first reason that you should choose a vintage engagement ring is because of the amazing craftsmanship. Vintage engagement rings were made before the time of mass production, so each one was carefully handcrafted by jewellery specialists. Gemstones were hand cut, each and every setting was carefully considered and the amount of time and care that went into creating these beautiful rings is simply unparalleled today.

For example, the character and uniqueness that you find in Art Deco engagement ring collections would be near impossible to find today, as every choice was so carefully considered and carefully planned. Even replica Art Deco rings don’t have the same element of being unique, as they are likely mass produced, even the ones containing the best quality gemstones.

Overall, the depth of history and care that is in vintage engagement rings makes it a much more special choice that your partner can continue to be a part of.

More Environmentally Friendly

The next reason you should choose vintage jewellery is because it is the much more environmentally friendly option. Modern metal and gemstone extraction processes are massively damaging, with environments being destroyed and significant amounts of extraction chemicals being dumped in local ecosystems and water sources. This is damaging for both communities and wildlife.

Although an extraction process would have been completed to find the metals and gemstones in modern jewellery, older processes were less damaging. Also, by opting for a vintage engagement ring, you are reducing the demand for modern rings, so you are not contributing to the damaging supply chain. Now that the effort has been made to create these beautiful vintage engagement rings, it is only fair that they are treasured!

Better Value For Money

Last but not least, vintage engagement rings are better value for money. As vintage jewellery is VAT exempt as it would have already been paid before, you could buy a vintage sapphire engagement ring for 20% cheaper than a modern equivalent, even though it contains gemstones and metals of the exact same quality! This means you can get so much more ring for your money, helping to make it all the more special for your partner!

Final Thoughts

We could go on and on about the benefits of vintage jewellery, but hopefully we have inspired you to visit vintage jewellers and experience the beauty for yourself!

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