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Trusted Expert Advice on Different Types of Lingerie

Lingerie is one of the most important aspects of a woman’s wardrobe. Our innerwear is even more important than our outerwear because it defines how comfortable and confident, we feel.

Well-fitting innerwear creates a wonderful foundation for how our outer garments look and feel on our bodies. Hence, choose it carefully.

In this blog, we recommend various types of lingerie that find pride in place in a woman’s wardrobe and how to go about curating them.

5 Types of Lingerie

Here’s a peek at all the key lingerie pieces every girl and woman needs in her wardrobe.

Bras and Panties

This duo is the most basic element of a woman’s wardrobe. They lay the foundation for any outfit.

Make sure that bras and panties fit are of the right size and that they fit well. Anything too tight or too loose will make you feel uncomfortable.

Invest in a variety of bikini, hipster, thong, and Brazilian style panties, and a mix of padded, wired/non-wired t-shirt bras, which can blend with different outfits.

Chemise and Babydolls

Many women hesitate to experiment with nightwear or may be unaware of the various options.

The chemise and babydoll are two popular types of lingerie that look elegant and comfortable for nightwear. They can also be used for special occasions like vacations, wedding nights, girls’ nights out, and honeymoons.


Robes come very handy, especially when you want to cover up quickly when you have a visitor or just stepped out of the shower.

A robe also complements your innerwear if you wear a chemise or babydoll underneath and want more cover. You can choose a robe that ends at the ankles or knees or one with a higher hemline, based on what makes you feel comfortable.


This is a unique type of lingerie that creates shape when you wear a gown, dress, or saree. It can be daunting to wear a figure-hugging outfit, and shapewear comes to the rescue.

The length of your shapewear can end just above your knees or the panty line. If you love wearing sarees, you can also consider custom-designed shapewear that complements the saree silhouette.

Sports Bra

This is another type of lingerie that is an important addition to a woman’s wardrobe when she exercises. A regular t-shirt bra just doesn’t have the type of support offered by a well-designed sports bra.

Another aspect of sports bras is that sometimes they can also be worn as outerwear in the gym or while working out at home.

So, be sure to pick an aesthetically designed sports bra that you can show off as your workout.

Choose the Right Fabrics

Today, lingerie comes in a wide range of fabrics. You can choose based on the type of fabric that feels good on your skin as well as their location and the weather condition.

Cotton is your best bet if you live in extremely humid weather. If you live in a cool climate, then you can experiment with satin, organza, and net.

Choose materials that let your skin breathe. Some materials, like lace, are perfect for bridal lingerie and other special occasions.

To Wrap Up

When buying lingerie, be sure to invest in pieces that complement your body shape and lifestyle. Today, you can shop online for a wide range of lingerie designs for every occasion.

Don’t be afraid to experiment as you grow your lingerie collection. After all, well-designed, well-fitted lingerie makes you feel great on the inside and outside.

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