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Things beginners should know before doing bikini wax at home

Placing a wax strip on your hairy skin and ripping the unwanted hair off is not what all the women would like to experience. Some like to wax in comfort at their home, especially when it comes to a bikini wax. There are many ways to remove the bikini hairline,including shaving and trimming but for the super-smooth results doing bikini wax at home is the best. You can decide up to where you want to remove the hairs and wax it afterwards. Though bikini wax is not as painful as people may have described it,

There are few things that you should know before undergoing bikini wax to minimize the discomfort:

  1. Your hairs should be of right length – For wax to grip the hairs, make sure that your hairs are at least a quarter of an inch long. In case when your hairs are longer waxing is going to be painful. Similarly, when you wax your bikini line with shorter hairs, there will be a chance of ingrown hairs. You can keep it long and trim it to keep the desired length of a quarter.
  2. Avoid your period days – Most women have fewer thresholds for pain during their periods, so it’s advisable to avoid those days for the bikini wax. Though waxing is possible during periods, you will experience more pain during that time.
  3. Exfoliation – Do a very gentle exfoliation, days before going for waxing. Anything which is too harsh can damage the skin and later can cause discomfort while waxing. Consult a professional if you see abnormal redness and irritation after waxing.
  4. Take pain killers before waxing routine – For most of the women, pain is the biggest discomfort that bikini wax brings with it. To prevent the pain, take the pain killers like Aspirin or ibuprofen hour before starting the waxing routine. This will reduce the inflammation after the wax, and you will be able to tolerate the pain.
  5. Selection of the wax – There are two types of wax that you can use to wax your bikini lines- soft and hard wax. Soft wax needs a fabric strip to get rid of hairs while the hard wax toughens which eliminates the use of the strip. Though soft wax is generally used, you can keep both kinds of wax to do bikini wax at home. Soft wax is suitable for less sensitive areas and for super sensitive areas hard wax is suitable.
  6. Be prepared for upcoming redness and bumps – Your bikini area would not be very smooth looking during the initial days of waxing. There will be redness and bumps, which is normal. Such problems will subside gradually in a few days.

Waxing your bikini line at home is getting popular. However, hair down there is completely natural and leaving them is also okay. It doesn’t matter what you decide, waxing, shaving or trimming, you are free to pick your options. Waxing is considered as the best option as it gives hair skin for at least 20 days.

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