The secret recipe for the best Margaritas in New York
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The secret recipe for the best Margaritas in New York

Our correspondent Sarah Mark introduces you to Cinco de Mayo, a must-see event in New York and throws herself into the water to concoct the best Margaritas. No excuse not to test them during this long weekend

In New York, each community’s parade. And as all the communities of the world are represented here, you can easily spend all afternoons of the year dancing on 5th Avenue in the colors of the day’s event. To give you a little idea, over the last two weeks, we could see: the Sikh parade, the Bengali parade, the “love parade” during which we exchange flowers and positive thoughts, the Persian parade and the “parade cannabis”. All do not know the same popularity, and somehow better if the city would be stopped. The one we are talking about today will take place this weekend in honor of “Cinco de Mayo”. It’s a big deal!Historically, it is a question of commemorating the defeat of the French troops in Mexico on May 5, 1862. this day has become a festive occasion to celebrate Mexico, its culture and its heritage. I was invited to a mixology class specially for the occasion by Cointreau, to uncover the secrets of making a good Margarita. Under the benevolent eye of Stilo our bartender, Acapulco meets Paris in New York!

Simple to prepare, the Margarita is the cocktail in the spotlight during “cinco de mayo”. That’s how to concoct 3 with the colors of the Mexican flag. A shaker, this is what you need for a Classic Margarita:

Start by rubbing the edges of your glass with lime and then dip in fine or coarse salt. For more fun in the decor, I even recommend frosting only half the glass of coarse salt. Once the glass is “decorated”, fill it with ice cubes to keep it cool.

In the shaker half filled with ice cubes, pour the white tequila, the cointreau and the lime juice in the proportions indicated.The simplest is to bring a jigger (a small 2-cone cookware to measure alcohols, large format for tequila and small format to measure cointreau and lemon juice). Strike a few seconds then serve by holding the ice cubes with a cocktail strainer as your glass is already filled with ice cubes. Decorate with a slice of lime and enjoy.

Be careful, raise the level: Spiced strawberry Margarita. The icing of the glass is made with cinnamon sugar to give it a little spicy side. Ideally, have a Boston shaker, a shaker made of a metal part and another glass part. In the glass part, gently crush three or four strawberries with a pestle to make a puree to infuse the margarita. Add your measures of tequila, cointreau and lime as well as 2 small shots of angostura to raise all that. For you to play the bartender, press the lime using a citrus press for the show because a lime equal a perfect dose, be careful to place the lemon flesh side pierced if you want to remain credible.

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