Temporary Tattoos vs. Permanent Tattoos
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Temporary Tattoos vs. Permanent Tattoos: Which is Right for You?

Tattoos offer a great way to express yourself regarding lifestyle and how you feel about things. Now that there are two choices- temporary and permanent tattoos, you might be stuck on what to choose. However, there is nothing to worry about. We have created information about temporary and permanent tattoos to help you make the right decision. Before we compare them, here is a quick insight.

Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are simply temporary. They are meant for the surface of the skin and not beneath it. You can buy for example old English lettering temporary tattoos online on a sheet of paper and transfer them to your skin. The tattoo stays on your skin for up to 5 days, and you can easily remove it with alcohol or baby oil.

Permanent Tattoos

Permanent tattoos are permanent. You go to a tattoo shop or a professional tattoo artist where ink is penetrated under the skin. That means you will have the tattoo for the rest of your life unless you remove it using a laser.

Here is a comparison of the two choices to help you pick the right one.

Temporary Tattoos vs. Permanent Tattoos Comparison

·  Application

Temporary Tattoos. You can easily apply tattoos by simply peeling them from a sheet of paper and transferring them to your skin. Buy your best temporary tattoo design at Temporary Tattoos, place the sheet on your skin, use moisture, and wait for the design to develop.

Permanent Tattoos. A needle with ink will go under your skin. So, expect some pain and blood. You need a professional tattooist and some time to heal.

·  Cost

Temporary Tattoos. Depending on your chosen design, a temporary tattoo can cost between $10 and $20. However, it is possible to get other designs with less money.

Permanent Tattoos. Expect to pay from $100 to $10,000 for a permanent tattoo. The price depends on the design, placement, size, and artist. Permanent tattoos are costly because of the labor involved, quality, and longevity.

·  Pain Level

Temporary Tattoos. Since temporary tattoos don’t involve a needle under the skin, they don’t have any pain.

Permanent Tattoos. With permanent tattoos, you need a high level of pain tolerance. Placing the tattoo involves a tiny needle penetrating your skin at high speed. The pain level depends on the area of application and the individual.

.  Longevity

Temporary Tattoos. Custom temporary tattoos last between 5 to 7 days. However, the period depends on friction and water exposure. If you look after the tattoo, it can remain intact for two weeks.

Permanent Tattoos. On the other hand, a permanent tattoo stays with you forever unless you choose to go for laser removal. A permanent tattoo is a lifelong commitment.

. Removal

Temporary Tattoos. You can easily remove a metallic custom tattoo or whatever you choose by rubbing it with baby oil.

Permanent Tattoos. A permanent tattoo is, well, permanent. The only way to remove a permanent tattoo is through laser removal. It is expensive and painful, depending on the tattoo’s size.


The choice of tattoo you go for is totally up to you. However, this information will help you make the right decision. Whichever choice you make, ensure you get a good-quality tattoo.

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